There are currently three different classes.  Each is uniquely different but based on the  philosophy of developing foundational strength, transfer to life balance and coordination, mental body engagement all with a restorative flare.

You will learn strategies that will be life long tools in creating an active healthy lifestyle.


Elite Fit 9:15am, 7:15pm or 8:15pm    Monday & Wednesday
This program incorporates movements that focus on & introduce the foundation of fitness and help to strengthen and transition out of a sedentary life. Get to know your body and how strong you really are. A little strength building, a little core, a little flexibility, a little balance and  little restorative.


Tone your legs, bums and tums!
Unlimited group classes for $65/month!
Click Here to Sign Up


Saturday streetFIT     

Every Saturday morning (weather permitting) for high intensity and low impact fitness class that will leave you feeling energized, refreshed and restored. For calorie counters and Fitbit-ers burn up to 1000 calories and 3400 steps.
GREAT for the beginner or beginning again
North east corner Victoria Park
Corner Florence and Locke
Studies found that exercising outdoors “was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression. Participants also reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity.”
PERFECT start to your weekend!

7:30 am – 8:30 am
$10 suggested but Pay What you Can (PWYC)                       See you in the park!


ONE on ONE Personal Training

As a female led company we understand and remove the barriers of going to a gym, by offering the option of a mobile trainer. If you enjoy working out at home, at your gym, or the office we meet you where you’re at, literally! Customizing a fitness program to fit your ability, goals, and space, always with the option to come and use our fitness studio for your session at no additional cost.

Affordable packages make our time together long enough for you to experience results. 1 session is the equivalent to 60 minutes

1 Session – $50.00
3 Sessions – $135.00
5 Sessions – $200.00
10 Sessions – $375.00

Click Here to Purchase Your Package



Regular use of a foam roller in myofascial release will improve the everyday quality of your life, whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle.  Book a consultation and we’ll introduce you to your fascia.  We’ll talk about exactly what it is, how poor fascia health is affecting your quality of life. We’ll identify your target areas and how you can take a proactive self-managing way to ease muscle pain and limited movement in joints, and you get to take home a foam roller for you to continue your self treatment.



Most all of us have areas of unhealthy fascia as we live our lives working, playing and competing.  If your clients sit for most of their working day, or are rigorous exercisers who leave little time for muscle recovery it’s very likely that sooner or later the muscles and joints will need some extra TLC.  Interested in hosting a workshop on fascia health and the benefits of foam rolling?

OR attend a class every Sunday at De La Sol for an hour of finding all those nooks and crannies of your body that cause you stiffness and muscle pain ..


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