Silence Is NOT Golden

“All my failures can be traced to my silence” ~ incredible words, soul piercing words  from Danielle LaPorte.

Just as sure as your sitting reading this, you have experiences with life.  In Danielle’s words……Does someone you love (or you) need a little nudge to speak up?

Craft your story, a story.  Even if you decide to not share it publicly, it will be a good experience for you.  Storytellers are happier in life and love, their brains are more active and engaged and how about that cleansing feeling when you have something/an experience bottled up inside and you finally let it go!

Speaking about letting it go, after the first evening together I already have my title……….”It’s Just a Freakin Enema”

This winter, join some wonderful Hamilton women in storytelling. Over the course of January and February, women will meet weekly to work together with Grace Evans to develop and hone their storytelling skills. We’ll be practicing and learning together in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. Participating women will have the opportunity to share their […]

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Radical Self Care for Love Warriors: Heart Medicine

One thing is for certain – self care will be more critical than ever during the days ahead to maintain fortitude and stay grounded. For more structured guidance and a self-care survival toolkit, join me, sign up for her 6-week 2017 Radical Self Care ( program beginning January 5th.

Diana Quinn ND

wall_in_palestine_banksyFor the past month I’ve seen numerous patients and loved ones struggle to cope with shock, stress and grief. Many have experienced reactivated PTSD as current events trigger past traumas and even generational trauma.  In one way or another many are processing a collective experience of shock, or susto. In traditional Latin American cultures susto is described as a ‘spirit attack,’ the shamanic concept of ‘soul loss’ following an acute shock.  Susto is a variant of PTSD with chronic somatic and nervous complaints following a stressor. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive complaints
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased susceptibility to illness

While much has been said about the need to maintain vigilance, be pro-active, to not become complacent in the face of threats to democracy and social justice, it is imperative that we tend to ourselves and each other to maintain resilience for the long haul. Hypervigilance puts a tremendous strain on the nervous system…

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