Helping beginners begin again, in fitness, health, & well-being! 

35 years ago as a young adult my health spiraled; although I was overweight, which I don’t remember so well.  What I do remember is the crippling pain in my back as I bent to turn the shower on.  In speaking with the doctor I was made aware to the delicate balance between our core and lower back.  I was advised to strengthen my abs (it wasn’t referred to core “back then”).

My personal journey began.  From yoga based movements at home, to cardio (for those that remember Richard Simmons and The 20 Minute Workout) I progressed quickly to outdoor running, to competitive 5 and 10K races.  It was when I picked up a set of dumbbells the next 8 years of my life transformed.  The next 8 years were spent as a competitive bodybuilder.  My final contest was one year after giving birth to my first daughter where I was presented with the choice of pursuing the pro ranks or raise my family.  I chose the latter and along with raising my family I supported others in their fitness goals.

With much of the industry saturated with new graduates and a younger population of trainers, I bring over 30 years industry experience in fitness and wellness as well as a deep understanding as to my clients lives and the many complexities that are challenging in reaching fitness and health goals.


I believe that people want to come away from a class or training
feeling that they have done something,
but not necessarily feeling crippling discomfort
that keeps them from enjoying the other areas of their lives
……feeling good and ready for the rest of the day
with body and spirit energized and intact.


Is to arm you with tools to feel better
benefit from the addiction
of a healthier lifestyle.



we all have bad days, allow our time together with your workout serve as a release of stress.  Bring your determined and focused attitude and I will give you the same.
come to our time together determined.  Even if you’re losing sight on the bigger goal, be determined to do your very best for the present moment and I will do the same.
punctuality shows me that you are organized and respect and value your time and you put your health as a priority.  For the time we’re together I will put your health as a priority as well.
accept full responsibility for your actions or lack of them that are bringing your closer to or further away from your goals.
have one!  It’s your road map to where you want to go.  Don’t have one?  We’ll create one.
Not having one will take you longer or possibly not even ever reaching your goal.



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