rollFITness is a restorative based fitness technique.  It is used as a foundation of all my fitness programs.

Caring for your fascia is one of the most influential things you can do that will greatly improve your athletic ability or day to day quality of life; both the sedentary or active lifestyle person will benefit from using a foam roller.

I have identified and addressed the 5 biggest reasons why you are not using a foam roller:

*the wrong density for what your needs are
*public rollers are worn and over used
*cost at retail are expensive/overpriced
*how to use it – it is not a workout
*carrying your foam roller

A consultation will not only show you how to use it, we will identify the perfect density for you.  You will never have to use a gym roller again with your own rollFITness affordable roller.  Our carrying bag is locally made out of reclaimed fabric –  if you can carry it to the office, gym or traveling you’ll use it!

Book a consultation, and we will identify & target your challenging zones, and take you though a regime customized to relieve pain and limited movement.

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