The sleep better, feel good have more energy program
Designed for people who want to take better care of themselves
Create disciplines first, the healthy fit and weight loss will follow


Not only controversial, but WHEN did feeding our body nutrients in the form of food get so darn complicated.  Once upon a time food was grown, locally, harvested, locally, prepared and shared and consumed within homes.

We can argue that life is busy.  Every generation before us, that experienced growth and advancement, said the same thing.

Meals should leave us feeling satiated, satisfied, refueled and energetic.

Koolaid To Kale lifestyle meals focus around reducing inflammation, without sacrificing flavor and variety.     You will become more aware of local produce, learn how to create meals that you’re whole family will enjoy, discover how simple it is to plan and prepare healthy meals.

Your journey will start with a 5-day program that will be your transition into healthier lifestyle.   Starting your day with a SHAKE; it’s quick, nutritiously balanced, low glycemic and there is a variety to choose from in the recipe book.  With mid day snacks, lunch will be another smoothie, ending with a low glycemic dinner.

Through our experience, knowledge and the latest scientific and medical research and information, you will receive guidelines that will lead you to feeling and looking your best!