Foam Rolling How Tos & Videos

  *Three mistakes with using a foam roller. *What it is and isn't:  In sharing some how tos on foam rolling, much of what you know about it is contrary to what it actually is.  It isn't a workout; yes it can be uncomfortable and painful in the beginning, no it doesn't take a lot … Continue reading Foam Rolling How Tos & Videos

Letter From Italy ~ Andrà tutto bene

GUEST POST:                                              Letter From Italy ~ by Anna Kay I’m here, close to Siena, at the local supermarket. It’s small and it’s the only one where I can go shopping. As I stand in the line this morning, I look ahead of me at approximately 30 people…all one metre apart, some wearing masks and gloves, … Continue reading Letter From Italy ~ Andrà tutto bene

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine – Benefits, Treatments and Our Modern Life

Today you have television, mobile phones, cars, and all the trappings of modernity. So how can an understanding of medicine from thousands of years before the Internet—or even the microscope—help you today? It’s all about connection. TCM is based on your connection to the world around you. And the principles of Qi—the flowing of energy … Continue reading TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine – Benefits, Treatments and Our Modern Life

Why You’re Hoarding Toilet Paper

I find these last couple of weeks of frenzy interesting to observe. We’ve been talking about epigenetics and generational trauma - trauma that is carried down from generation to generation, in our genes. Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity which are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence. It is the … Continue reading Why You’re Hoarding Toilet Paper


Typically Tuesday, up n out the door for cardio at the stairs. Today however with the wisdom from my naturopath on Sunday I explored my shoulder, my liver, anger, resentment, frustration. Anger~nah, I’m not an angry person What little sources of anger I experience I think, I, in a healthy way, express and clear.Resentment ~ … Continue reading Frustration

Get Ready To Meet….Reverse Plank

I know all to well the importance of abs/core.   Really, I don’t remember what my weight was; something tells me that I really didn’t care at that point. What I do remember is approaching a size 18 in clothes. The circumstance that got my attention was the day I went to turn on the shower. Bee … Continue reading Get Ready To Meet….Reverse Plank

Dealing with visceral fat … — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

Fat is fat, right? Well, no. There is more than one kind of fat. Visceral fat is stored in a person’s abdominal cavity and is also known as ‘active fat’ as it influences how hormones function in the body. An excess of visceral fat can, therefore, have potentially dangerous consequences. Because visceral fat is in […] … Continue reading Dealing with visceral fat … — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

What To Make With Leftover Steak

"What to make with leftover steak" I recited and laughed to myself at the rhyme, earlier in the day, as my thoughts to dinner - dinner for one - entered my mind. I appreciate that my kids read my blog. So in order to keep them reading I gotta keep the story short. Story: my … Continue reading What To Make With Leftover Steak

Happiness Is A Habit

"A number of years ago, I stayed for about a week in a farmers house in Connemarra on the west coast of Ireland. He seemed to be always singing and whistling and was full of humor.  I asked him the secret of his happiness, and his reply was: "It is a habit of mine to … Continue reading Happiness Is A Habit

How To Choose Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy.  What if it was really as easy as what some make it out to be?  What if it really is a choice? Too good to not share from my recent read THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND read...................every day "Divine order takes charge of my life today and every day. … Continue reading How To Choose Happiness