Everyday Abundance

It's time to offer the invitation, make the meaningful connection, and set generosity loose on your street. It's easy in the middle of our days, to quiet close the door behind us. Easy to hide away or hold back from putting ourselves out into the depths of community - because putting ourselves out there often … Continue reading Everyday Abundance

Envy and Money Love

Well, I’ve never written about envy. “The Green Eyed monster” Today as we start day 18 of The Money Love Challenge, like several other lessons on this 21 day journey that really struck a nerve with me, the message is opened, read and closed. Oh, envy! What was said to you the last time you … Continue reading Envy and Money Love

Dry spells/Scarcity or Abundance/Flow

How do you handle “dry spells” “scarcity” in your life? I have to admit that in writing this post it was a challenge to organize my thoughts.  Where to start?  The chicken and egg thing.  My thoughts start at hoarding.  We’ve all, at some point, seen the tv shows where we get a peek into … Continue reading Dry spells/Scarcity or Abundance/Flow

Seeds of Intention – 2 weeks later

Here we are, 2 weeks post planting of the "seeds of intention". Although not record setting, it has been warm here in Southern Ontario.  In being particularly grateful for my two full rain barrels I set to the daily task of watering not only my pots of annuals but also the "seeds of intention" I … Continue reading Seeds of Intention – 2 weeks later