Koolaid To Kale

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Say Yes to The Dress

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Nightmares and Lifemares

Have you heard the one about the lady who died while sleeping in her car?

What about the woman who forgot her child was in the car while she went into work?  Actually after a quick google search, you will find several stories of this nature.

I still remember my very first email address, I would proudly call myself “bzymom”.

About six weeks ago I awoke one morning from a frightful dream.  The kind of dream that bolts you out of a sleep, sitting upright, panting with anxiety.  In this dream I was rushing, just rushing.  In this dream I forgot “something”.  I have no idea what it was that slipped my mind, all I remember was the panic mood that I started that day with. They say that if your dreams don’t scare you, their not big enough.  This dream scared me and was a wake up call to the reality of my pace.  Enough!  Something had to change!  You see, I knew that this just wasn’t a nightmare, it was my life!  nightmare

I had already been feeling the physical symptoms of “enough”.  In hearing many other stories of fibromyalgia and the symptoms, I was certain this explained the full body aches and pains that would not only cause me restlessness sleep but also had me grimacing as my feet would hit the floor.  Living in this body of mine for 50 + years, I know when somethings wrong.  It felt, almost as if, I was rusting from the inside out just like Tin Man from the classic Wizard Of Oz. tin man I knew two speeds, fast forward and stop!  Although over 5 million people in North America suffer from this invisible dis-ease this post is more about you woman, or a woman you know, and doing too much!

My heart goes out to these women and their families and I will be the last person to place judgement on them.  My family and I can look back and find a little humor when on one occasion I forgot my 3 year old.  Fortunately, so very fortunately, it was in our church.  It wasn’t until the other two were getting buckled safely in their seats did we realize. Talk about wake up calls.

WHEN exactly did rushing become glorified?  It’s sad with so many people working 3 or 4 jobs, catching naps when and where ever they can, just to fuel the next round of their day.  It’s so sad that minds are always thinking 3 or 4 steps ahead to miss “the present” and “the now”.

A couple of resources that I want to share with you. Now, I know your busy ;), but just one of these resources can either shift your thinking in how you lead your life right now, today.  Or it can be the last straw to what your already suspecting, what your already feeling day to day, to say enough.

Firstly, Dr. Libby Weaver coined Rushing Woman.  Not only does she have a book, she also has a beautiful TED Talk about the crises facing women’s health.  WATCH IT!  I cried in belief the first time I watched it.

The other MUST WATCH is the Go Red campaign “Just A Little Heart Attack“.  I’m sure you’ll nod at the familiarity of her morning routine.

Lastly, clarity can give you a starting point as to what your lifestyle is REALLY like.  You too can discover a personalized path to a happier and healthier life.

Live, love and for God sakes slow down  ❤

Natural Cough Remedy

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The Blue Blanket

It had been a while since my youngest of three daughters joined me for a Saturday afternoon of “to do list” tackling. You know, teens, always so busy. Some of our best conversations with our kids are held while driving from one place to another.  As they become more independent they require less of our time in getting from A to B. So, yes I was pleased, just the two of us.

blue blanketOur journey home had us noticing an area of the center of the city a buzz with police activity, taped off police tape and………….the blue blanket on the road.

What compels us to do something????? I can’t answer that. What I can tell you is that we were driving around the block to park in a nearby parking lot. A short walk, it was clearly evident that the blue blanket covered a body. My teenage daughter and I sat across from the blue blanket, on the other side of the normally very busy street, next to a lady. “The lady” shared with us what she had seen, what she knew to be true. Someone had fallen? jumped? from opposite us, from the being built structure.

We sat. We sat quietly. It was weird. To the right of us the cars were buzzing by from west to east. To the left of us cars buzzing from east to west, as well as people buzzing in and out of the mall; all busy with their Saturday afternoon to do’s. This reminded me of the first funeral I went to. I recall walking out of the visitation and feeling grief, yet looking around at the busy day and wanting everything and everyone to stop! Stop! Don’t you know that someone just passed away? Life does go on BUT for this moment, I explained to my daughter that I just wanted to sit, just sit and be here for that person.

Death brings so many memories. In addition to my first funeral experience I remember being in the hospital room and standing over and touching and holding the hand and face of my passed father. What is it about death that is found taboo? Why is it that all is good while there is breath in the lungs and warmth in the body? What is it about the soul becoming troubled and the body becoming cold?

Let’s imagine for a moment that this blue blanket covered the victim of a criminal action. Let’s imagine that at least one of the police vehicles parked in the marked off area contained the perpetrator of the action. Would people have simply gasped and walked past then? Would it have roused a little more curiosity? Within this marked off city block there were just a handful of people sitting in quiet. Just as I held my father, I felt that I wanted to go, go a sit right next to the blue blanket. But, I was a good girl, I sat at a distance. To be quite honest with you I was very surprised with the area being where it was, the time of day that it was there was so little interest. Are people so fast to run away from reality? A reality of our society, our neighbors, our friends, our family members.

Perhaps this is why the blue blanket was there on the road, too many people for too long, just walked away.

It appears we are hearing more and more about suicides. Families, lives are troubled. People have lost hope. happy sadPeople are lonelier now than ever before. Stress levels are through the roof and you don’t need to look far for evidence of it. We hear often of suicides. Perhaps your community, most definitely the internet; yet to be SO close to it, so close to a blue blanket, is something so different. Gosh, I thought, so vulnerable.

As I sat and looked at the blue blanket, as I sat and prayer for the blue blanket I was glad. Glad that whatever, WHATEVER, pained them was done, finally done! Peace my friend.