Sister To Sister ~ 2010

(school writing project from one 11 year old sister to another 20 year old sister)

Amanda Fuller

       It takes a heaping cup of talent, a huge scoop of dedication and a gigantic cup of determination. All those things make up someone in my life, Amanda Fuller. Amanda Fuller is my older sister but, to many people they know her as Amanda Fuller, gymnast. She was born on October 10th 1990. On a Tuesday night in 2008, when I was in grade three, she received a scholarship for gymnastics at Eastern Michigan, she was so happy and so was her family. In 2007 Amanda fuller went to Canada Winter Games, was the captain of her team and did very well. After she finished she came out with 3rd on beam and 1st on vault and floor.

    She is inspiring to me because she has been doing gymnastics since she was 2, every time she has gotten hurt she gets up and keeps going. She has had lots of sprained ankles, hurting feet and blistered hands but she never gives up, she gets back on her feet and tries again.

         This can help me everyday by knowing that I should not give up because regret is worse than anything I will face. Also I know when the bad times come I will have a fantastic sister. Today Amanda is still doing gymnastics at Eastern Michigan and loves it. She has met lots of new people and has so many new friends. Every time I go down to see her I cheer her on in competitions and I know when I have dance recitals she is cheering me on.

By: Samantha Fuller



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