Trees Are Like Friends

Trees – in reading a book on feng shui and outdoor space:

“We need to know our trees,

which should be like knowing old friends with whom we share space:

some need to be reined in,

others left alone and others nurtured.

In addition, many folks think that trees are just some occasional nuisance living on their property,

when it’s more true that we’re guests living on their property –

if you haven’t felt the ch’i of a 350 year old oak,

try sitting with it for a while.”
“And the benefits of trees are legion:”

which we experience currently with a heatwave,

“the savings in electricity from reduced air-conditioning alone are significant”

This tree I’ve only known for 15 years. I know it’s strength as I’ve heard the branches creak under the weight of ice. It reminds me to “let it go” as gusts of wind blow the branches from side to side.

I know it’s gentleness as the canopy spreads across to protect me and my family.

I remember first being introduced to reiki….. as I rushed home from my first class in Level 1……gently opening my hands and placing them softly on its trunk.

For that moment, we were one. That tree and me.

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