Vitamin K & COVID

“Patients who are deficient in vitamin K, which is found in certain cheeses, spinach, and eggs, might be more likely to be admitted to intensive care or die from COVID-19, according to Dutch researchers who are exploring the relationship.

While COVID-19 was initially thought to be a respiratory illness, there is increasing evidence to suggest it affects other areas of the body and causes blood clotting.

Blood clots can cause strokes, heart attacks, and dangerous blockages in the legs and lungs. They can also lead to the degradation of elastic fibres in the lungs.”

First thing I do with news like this is grab my supplements to check …….yep, vitamin k, it’s there

It’s also here

Good news is Vit K is fat soluble, meaning it builds up – stores – in your fat cells. Start eating your spinach.
Take your vitamins

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