Vitamin K & COVID

‚ÄúPatients who are deficient in vitamin K, which is found in certain cheeses, spinach, and eggs, might be more likely to be admitted to intensive care or die from COVID-19, according to Dutch researchers who are exploring the relationship. While COVID-19 was initially thought to be a respiratory illness, there is increasing evidence to suggest it affects … Continue reading Vitamin K & COVID

Look Dad, I’m Eating My Peas

I hated peas as a child. Come to think of it, aside from salad, most veggies were shunned.  I'm sure it was due to the fact that all veggies were boiled until they were mush.  Thank goodness for the raw trend.  Green peas freshly picked are as sweet as candy. Not to mention loaded with … Continue reading Look Dad, I’m Eating My Peas