Why You’re Hoarding Toilet Paper

I find these last couple of weeks of frenzy interesting to observe.

We’ve been talking about epigenetics and generational trauma – trauma that is carried down from generation to generation, in our genes.

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity which are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence. It is the study of gene expression, the way genes bring about their phenotypic effects.

For some it’s from parents, some it’s grandparents or even further back to great grandparents.

Fleeing war torn countries, persecution, or even surviving recessions or the depression.

This whole fight or flight response to the current situation, our reaction(s) or not, I ask myself: “are they appropriate?” “are they exaggerated?” “are they mine/ours?”

Every generation has its “trauma” to its current place and time in history and what is happening.

*trauma can be transferred through epigenetics.

*trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which then is passed down to subsequent generations. Instead it alters the mechanism by which the gene is converted into functioning proteins, or expressed.

Perhaps we/me/you/us can break a cycle for yourself/ourselves and future generations……..BE THE CHANGE

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