Typically Tuesday, up n out the door for cardio at the stairs.

Today however with the wisdom from my naturopath on Sunday I explored my shoulder, my liver, anger, resentment, frustration.

Anger~nah, I’m not an angry person What little sources of anger I experience I think, I, in a healthy way, express and clear.
Resentment ~ nope. I may ruminate deeply but this is not deep within me.
Frustration ~ as I said on Sunday – yep, probably, most likely. “Well ya clogged dripping eaves frustrates the heck out of me” then more starts to fill my psyche that I’d rather keep personal.

Ok, I thought, let’s go there, to frustration.

Drag my butt to the chilly sun porch

  • pillows,blanket, candle
  • hmm haven’t done this in a while
    -this feels good
    -this is familiar
    -this is where we find the muck

Searching my meditation app I see my choices. Ya, I don’t want “release”, not sure WHAT I’m releasing.
Yes that’s it, let’s just “be”, get to know this a bit more.

The 15 minutes went by beautifully and some points stuck with me that I went back and listened again:

🙏🏼”In order to be frustrated we need to be holding onto strong opinions of how something should be”
🙏🏼”Both realities can coexist”
🙏🏼”Whatever the frustration wants is probably quite reasonable.”

As I open my eyes at one point and watch my breathe leave my body, I see it! The chill of the room allowed me to SEE frustration leave. I surrendered.

Then the suggestion to give yourself/myself:

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