Get Ready To Meet….Reverse Plank

I know all to well the importance of abs/core.   Really, I don’t remember what my weight was; something tells me that I really didn’t care at that point. What I do remember is approaching a size 18 in clothes.

The circumstance that got my attention was the day I went to turn on the shower. Bee stings and cuts and scrapes from busy childhood days could not have compared to the pain I felt in my back. Piercing and excruciating! That was my “day of disgust”.

Image result for reverse plank on elbows

“Your abdominal muscles aren’t just for show. They play a critical role in essentially every movement that you do. If you bend down to pick something up, you’re using your abs. When you run, you’re using your abs. When you go to the bathroom, you’re using your abs! The obliques (internal and external), the rectus abdominis (aka the six-pack), the transversus abdominis (a deep-core muscle), the erector spinae (a group of muscles that run vertically along your vertebrae), and the multifidus (a small muscle that helps stabilize your spine and pelvis) make up the muscles of your core.”


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