Health/Weight “Day of Disgust”

I’m going to get the ball rolling on “Day of Disgust”.  Over my years I can honestly say that my “Days” have been numerous.

As soon as I read the words in “The Slight Edge” I got a pang in my solar plexus. (That’s my spot where stress and emotion hits).

Growing up with a family of three girls, I was “the busy one”; always active.  “Back in those days” there were not as many formal organized things for kids to do.  Although I do remember the Optimist Clubs Boys Club, Brownies/Girl Guides and swimming lessons only in the summer at an outdoor pool, most of our sports were done on the street, in the neighborhood.

Every house had at least two kids.  There was always a street hockey game, baseball game, races, bike riding, building homemade tents in the back yard with lawn chairs and sheets.  I remember the summer and the park Supie.  I’d be the first kid there.  My shoes would be wet with the dew still covering the grass as I ran over to the picnic table to wait for their arrival.

Then “somewhere” in my mid teens I became lazy.  This carried over to my early twenties.  I suppose if I had attended post secondary it would be called then freshman 15.  This quickly advanced to the College 20.  Really, I don’t remember what my weight was; something tells me that I really didn’t care at that point.  What I do remember is approaching a size 18 in clothes.

The circumstance that got my attention was the day I went to turn on the shower.  Bee stings and cuts and scrapes from busy childhood days could not have compared to the pain I felt in my back.  Piercing and excruciating!  That was my “day of disgust”.

I had neglected my body and now it was letting me know.  It may have “spoken” to me in more subtle ways that I didn’t hear.  Now, I was listening.  What is even more interesting is that in being younger I had not learned the art of blaming; blaming others for my lack of health.  I didn’t blame the friends I was hanging around with for poor lifestyle habits and most importantly, I didn’t blame myself.  I had a physical pain and my focus was on getting better.  Getting back to my youth.

Hence, my wellness journey started.

The only tidbit I picked up at that point was that a weak back can be “fixed” by strengthening your abs.  Back then there were no terms like “core”.  I set to work with focus on my abs.  With watching Richard Simmons, The 20 Minute Workout (yes I am THAT “old”) I got some tidbits.  On account that I was now more aware of my body and size and lack of conditioning I did my cardio indoors with the form of skipping.  Skipping and armed with the skills to move my body in an intuitive manner with focus on my abs and LOTS of stretching, I quickly progressed.  YAY, now I’m ready to go outdoors…….running.

Oh my, how I loved running.  THIS is where my nutrition started to come into play.  As well, my deep roots for the love of the outdoors were nurtured.  Early morning alarms to take the hardest step, the first one out the door to get the kilometers done.   Packing my bag to get some more running at lunch while for the brief period of time when I worked with a “inbox” in a UGH……cubical.  These running sessions were my saviour!  Around and around and around the little track I would go in the noon sun.  Geesh, I think it took twenty something laps to get a mile done; counting each and every one on my fingers.  I ran and enjoyed running in the noon sun, rain and snow.  Interestingly my greatest nemesis was the wind.  That resistance as much as I hated it I took it on.  And I conquered it on many occasions.

Do you see a pattern?  Do what you gotta do!!!!

In doing respectfully in 5 and 10 k races I was becoming very skinny and besides my one shoulder was getting a tad sore.  Time to take it to the gym…………

THIS, THIS is where my greatest awareness into myself was learned, with the weights.  Skills: My level of goal setting, being able to be a visionary, accountability to myself, feeding your body EXACTLY what it needs, working through pain, getting up after you’ve been knocked down, slowing down, ramping it up, focus, being better and stronger and celebration.  All these skills enable me to now share with you.

We are motivated by pain or pleasure.  I have learned to be a bit gentler on myself and although the warm and fuzzy part of me likes to think I get motivated by pleasure, it is now in writing this that I recognize my very best growth was birthed from pain.  I continually need to be reminded about the child in me and that I need to move, stretch, and strengthen.

IF right now, January 2, 2013 is your “Day of Disgust”, know that there are answers.

“The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

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