Post RESET Half way point “Dig and Honor Yourself”

With this still being February, I'd like to talk a bit more about love.  Yes, just a bit more about self love.  I think this is important due to the fact that no matter what program you connect with to improve your health, sooner or later your going to hear the voices.  Don't kid yourself, … Continue reading Post RESET Half way point “Dig and Honor Yourself”

Oh Baby, BIOTIN, I love you

I know you'll be just excited about this as I was. Heck who do you know that has struggled with the same ol 10 pounds year after year? Chances are for some, those 10 lbs have lead to additional weight gain. Weight that after accumulating has lead to being at the door of a disease … Continue reading Oh Baby, BIOTIN, I love you

Healthier You …………..Starting Here

By now you may have bought, wrapped, baked, mailed, delivered and your giving just a thought or two to yourself. The New Year is coming and "this is it" you say, "I'm going to get healthy"!!!!! But where to start? From the privacy of your home, at your convenience take the Dr.Oz approved AND the … Continue reading Healthier You …………..Starting Here

Health/Weight “Day of Disgust”

I’m going to get the ball rolling on “Day of Disgust”.  Over my years I can honestly say that my “Days” have been numerous. As soon as I read the words in “The Slight Edge” I got a pang in my solar plexus. (That’s my spot where stress and emotion hits). Growing up with a … Continue reading Health/Weight “Day of Disgust”

Fart or Be Fat

Why Fiber Consumption Causes Flatulence... And Why You Need To "Fart or Be Fat!" Over the last year or so I have heard often the concerns about the gas experienced when making changes to the diet have occurred. Whether it was in consuming NUTRIMEAL, FIBERGY and/or increasing fruits, veggies and legumes, their systems started to … Continue reading Fart or Be Fat