Welcome Back 5 Day RESET

What Goes Around Comes Around – Welcome back 5 DAY RESET Jelly sandals, Polaroid cameras, and 90s everything aren’t the only things making a big comeback—the 5-Day RESET™ weight-management jumpstart kit WILL BE back. And it’s better than ever. This … Continue reading

Post RESET Week 3

21 day habitsWHERE does time go!  We are starting week 3 of this journey.  Now, I am really hoping that the honeymoon isn’t over.

Are you still loving this?  The new wardrobe.  More energy.  Improved sleep. Your skin may even look better.  You have glow about you that is lighting up your world.  Others ARE taking notice!

The 5Day RESET cleanses your body of the cravings and now your into habit forming, health supporting lifestyle.  It takes 21 days to create a new habit.  So this is it!

I really want you to recognize and appreciate how far you have come.  You are:


*becoming the person you have dreamed of being.

*the person who you really are inside.

*you recognize or create your own expectations.

*and you NOW know what you are capable of.            good habits bad habits

You have made a collection of good choices that are now becoming habit and even if there was an “off” time you got right back on track.  Wow!  That mental part is just so powerful!

A message I shared with a client who is jumping back on the RESET train:

This may be over used but “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”  There is huge value in going at it again.  Trying again is a knowing of what you can and will accomplish.  It’s a trusting in yourself.  An adding to an already solid base of knowledge and experience.  I can’t help but think to IF I had stopped competing after one year just because I didn’t “win”.  It was 8 years of doing it again.  Learning something new, changing.  That’s what gets me really excited about coaching people through this.  It shows a high level of character. 
Be sure to acknowledge and be proud of everything little thing you do this week.  Perhaps as you write in your diary add one little thing your grateful for and one thing you did really good.  Regardless of how big or small. 
Appreciate how far you have come, pat yourselves on the back!
As one RESETer said:  ONWARD and DOWNWARD (in weight)  Have a great week!

Post RESET Week 2 Destination Transformation

Your day of disgust has come and now it’s time to move onward. line in the sand

You have drawn the line in sand and now recognize the value in having the very best of health. With your words and actions up until now you have (figuratively) taken your finger, placed it in the sand and drew that line with conviction, commitment and determination. And there ain’t no turning back. You have just come too far.

This is the point where you have accumulated a lot of the great habits that we have been talking about. That point where your confidence level is higher than your frustration. You feel as if you have all the pieces. It’s when there may be a temporary weight gain through a temporary situation BUT you know where to go and what to do to get back on track. The feeling of helplessness and confusion is non existent.

Wow, now doesn’t THAT feel good! I think so.

Let’s talk about snacks. Reaching for nuts and seeds is such a good idea not only now but through out a healthy lifestyle.You need just a little bit of these powerhouses of nutrition to sustain you as a snack.

My tip is to rather than taking out the jar and enjoying from it, find a snack size dish and place your serving in there. Seal the jar and put it away. Just as with a meal, sit down and enjoy it rather than eating on the run.

Have a great week 2!!!!!


Oh Baby, BIOTIN, I love you

I know you’ll be just excited about this as I was.

Heck who do you know that has struggled with the same ol 10 pounds year after year? Chances are for some, those 10 lbs have lead to additional weight gain. Weight that after accumulating has lead to being at the door of a disease diagnosis.

My latest awareness with the most awesome products to support health in the world, came while my daughter enjoyed a REV3.  We have been in awe with the Korean ginseng and rhodiola in this product.  Hmmm, we both wondered, what’s the value in biotin?

Only  that your body needs biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids, the building blocks of protein.  Oh THAT’S all.  You do recognize how huge this micro nutrient is don’t you!?

We are in the middle of a global health challenge, spanning across 21 countries.  Thousands are connecting and  undergoing a health and weight management program together.  As during this challenge and through out the year, it all starts with a RESET.  The plan moves forward from the  5Days to the Transform Phase.  I have noticed that often folks will opt out of continuing with the supplementation part of the program.  Yet, on the same hand I have folks who have just used the Cadillac of the product line and have exclaimed that they have actually lost weight, just from the supplements.  Is it any wonder.  When you feed your body EXACTLY what it needs it is oh so very obedient.   That is evident in my sport of competitive bodybuilding .

I have summarized above the value of biotin, now, here are a couple of pointers about it.

*it is water soluble (you will pee out excess, if you even have excess.  It needs to be replenished daily)
*it’s a member of the B vitamin family.  When you think of the B family of vitamins, you need to think of stress.  Stress depletes B’s.  Do a quick research, the value in B’s alone are numerous.
*it is synthesized by intestinal bacteria.  Which moves us along to antibiotic use and probiotics.
*I also read that Biotin is a coenzyme as well as a B vitamin.  As a supplement, biotin is sometimes used for diabetes
*supports healthy skin through fat production
*if your in the child bearing years, biotin deficiency may occur in as many as 50% of pregnant women. Make certain your prenatal multiple vitamin and mineral formula that contains biotin

I was equally excited that there are some of our personal everyday foods that contain biotin; carrots, almonds, walnuts, various other nuts, berries, fruit, halibut, vegetables.  OF COURSE, these all need to be fresh local and in season.  Then the portions.  I have no idea how much of these to consume on a daily level to meet optimal levels.  Add a little stress (and who doesn’t have that) from a day or two and you need to increase the amounts consumed.  So much guess work!!!!!!

So there you go, you can look better, get stronger, get leaner, feel healthier.  As it appears that you can purchase single doses of biotin don’t go thinking “some is good more is better. I am neither a doctor or scientist but my experience tells me the overdo-ing on one mineral/vitamin just doesn’t work.

Two pictures:  pharmaceutical grade and a leading “one time a day” food grade product:










In closing I just like to say……..guess work has no place when it comes to supporting your health.  Go to the science.

Zinc, colds, skin

Hello I’m zinc. Not sure if we’ve met. I’m an essential micromineral. Micro means really small. Essential means we should be getting know each other every single day.

I support your sense of taste and smell, waive off depression, boost the immune system, digestion, managing diabetes, help heal wounds, as well as supporting your body in using carbohydrates, protein and fat. Basically your going to find me in every biochemical reaction in your body, including your skin. Who doesn’t want to look better! I am one of the top nutrients that help in skin cell renewal.

So how do we get connected? You can find me in some foods:


BUT unless your consuming these every single day, in high quantities AND in quality (meaning organic and non GMO) you can find me hanging out here with these guys

Scientifically Speaking.…………

Now don’t you zinc I’m helpful?

Restorative Sleep


The beginning of knowledgestress sleep
is the discovery of something we do not understand.

Do you know what RESTORATIVE SLEEP is?  Most people do not.  They also do not know how the lack of this affects their health.  RESTORATIVE SLEEP is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle.

From the comfort of your home, get informed about how you can improve your health reduce the risk of disease……..all while you sleep.

“A chronic lack of sleep and chronic exposure to stress have the same net effect on your body: increased risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia, fatigue, skin aging, weight gain and a shorter lifespan.  Even if you think you’re getting plenty of sleep it may not be RESTORATIVE SLEEP.  There is something you can do about it.    Even if you think you can “handle” the stress it IS taking a toll on your health.   There are measures you can take to blunt the damage caused by negative hormonal changes.

In fact a lack of sleep can lead to excessive stress and too much stress can lead to a lack of restorative sleep.  It’s a vicious cycle.   Fortunately, proper nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes can help maintain health and balance hormones, which in turn help you maintain your weight and general health.

sleep deprivation

Join Ladd McNamara, M.D. as he simplifies a complex process and gives you the bottom line as to actions you can take immediately to help you maintain your health and manage out-of-control weight gain that worsens with aging.

Sleep, Stress, & Supplementation:
Factors of Weight Management, Happiness, and Longevity

Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern)

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Ladd McNamara, M.D. practiced as a board certified Ob/Gyn in Atlanta, GA. before retiring from active medical practice to enter the Global Arena of Health and Wellness.  He is an international speaker, author of many best-selling books, including “The Cholesterol Conspiracy,” and independent business owner and leader with USANA Health Sciences, Inc., the manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements and personal care products.

Please see:  www.laddmcnamara.com, www.totalwellnessnetwork.com, and www.cholesterolconspiracy.com


Whenever I awaken in the morning within 10 min, whether it is my sub-conscious or conscious mind, I do a body scan.  How am I feeling; my body, my spirit, my mind.

Thursday morning the results were tired.  Due to a late evening appointment, bed time was a off by a couple of hours.  I was relieved to finally assess that this weariness was due to being just a sleep deprived, nothing that a cup of java and a quiet morning didn’t solve.

As I went about my day what was interesting was my ability to stay focused on my health goal with the same determination as the previous three days.

Wednesday evening in addition to a consult with a client, I had a previous appointment.  Placed on the table of this meeting was a plate of yummies; those little one bite brownies and various cookies.  Even with being more of a morning person that tends to fade come 7 pm, I never even thought for one moment that I was missing something by not wanting to have one.

However, the very same temptations were presented to me the next day, the day of a bit of lack of sleep, and it took all the will power I had to resist.  It was the most tempting day of the week.  Fortunately, with having a plan, I brought my almonds and an apple, which I quickly retrieved from my bag.

When these situations present themselves we need to listen to not only the physical craving we are facing but also what our mind is saying.  You know that little devil on one shoulder and angel on the other, nattering in my ear.  Have you ever come so far in something that you quickly “look back” and think “I’ve come way too far to go back”?  Have you ever experienced the pain of regret?  I have with both of these.  THAT memory is what prompted me to make a good choice.

AWARENESS:  *  The mind, body and spirit are one   *sleep is important   *have a plan

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.