Paying Rent on Stuff

We talked earlier this week about being in your element. This morning I was convinced my element was tucked in my bed I have had a week of restless sleep and finally I enjoyed one of those deep sound resorting slumbers. (thank you PURE REST). What brings restless sleep can be any number of things. … Continue reading Paying Rent on Stuff

Melatonin – more bang for your buck (and health)

Talk about more bang for your buck. This tiny little supplement is both fat and water soluble. Which means as well as being excreted on a daily level it also stores in the cells. You can have a quick read here that it is also a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Be sure … Continue reading Melatonin – more bang for your buck (and health)

Rest n Relaxation

And......."on the 7th day He rested".  As I enjoy a beautiful Easter morning I encourage you to do the same.  Play hard, live hard, rest hard.  If you REALLY think about it, everything operates out of  balance.  Rest is making a deposit to your "health bank account". The benefits of rest are numerous.  Some go … Continue reading Rest n Relaxation

Restorative Sleep

                                         The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Do you know what RESTORATIVE SLEEP is?  Most people do not.  They also do not know how the lack of this affects … Continue reading Restorative Sleep