Post RESET Nation onto week 1

Another round of applause for completing the 5 day RESET, we're onto week one of Destination Transformation. If you haven't yet joined us, hop on this health train any time. Your level of awareness to your body, how it feels with food is heightened a little more than it was a week ago. As we … Continue reading Post RESET Nation onto week 1

School Wellness May – Spring, renewal……change

As I sit here, inside, I hear noises outside.                 Life is happening, the day, another one is unfolding. The sun has yet to come up yet the birds are making such a noise.  Even my cat Ali knows that “somethings” up.   Although having gone outside for a treat while being carried on and occasion … Continue reading School Wellness May – Spring, renewal……change

Rest n Relaxation

And......."on the 7th day He rested".  As I enjoy a beautiful Easter morning I encourage you to do the same.  Play hard, live hard, rest hard.  If you REALLY think about it, everything operates out of  balance.  Rest is making a deposit to your "health bank account". The benefits of rest are numerous.  Some go … Continue reading Rest n Relaxation


In coming back from my weekend retreat that included an intensive immersion class that is moving me forward in certification as a Holistic Health Specialist, we were exposed to and treated to  Iyanla Vanzant. As a Holistic Health Specialist we do look at the whole body for helping a client reach their wellness goals.  Unfortunately … Continue reading MONEY IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF


Whenever I awaken in the morning within 10 min, whether it is my sub-conscious or conscious mind, I do a body scan.  How am I feeling; my body, my spirit, my mind. Thursday morning the results were tired.  Due to a late evening appointment, bed time was a off by a couple of hours.  I … Continue reading Awareness