In coming back from my weekend retreat that included an intensive immersion class that is moving me forward in certification as a Holistic Health Specialist, we were exposed to and treated to  Iyanla Vanzant.

As a Holistic Health Specialist we do look at the whole body for helping a client reach their wellness goals.  Unfortunately financial stress is wide spread; 7 out of 10 people admit to being very stressed about their finances.  And, how does that affect your health?  Financial stress is linked to sleep problems and depression, unhealthy coping behaviors, less money for self care, unhealthy emotions to name just a few.

In Iyanla’s message today you can relieve yourself of just more stress.  Your beliefs around money aren’t necessarily your fault and can be changed………….



 Have you had it?  Owing?  Borrowing?  Can’t have it?  Can’t buy it? – Les Brown

Something is wrong when, as children, we are kept in the dark about money.  So often, because our parents view money as an issue to struggle with, they do not talk to us about it.

As children, many of us were not allowed to question anything, so we never asked about financial issues.  To some, money was used as a punishment or reward.  This molded and shaped our views about it.  In other cases, our parents used money as a weapon against each other or against us.  How can we expect to be financially responsible if we never received positive instructions about money?  Well, now it’s up to us.  We owe it to ourselves, our self-esteem and our future to get the right idea about money.  Many of us feel ashamed, guilty or uncomfortable when we ask questions about money.  What we need to accept and realize is that those who ask questions do not lose their way.
                                               Money is nothing to be afraid of.

From Acts of Faith 

 by Iyanla Vanzant

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