Cook Once, Eat Twice

With the weather turning to Autumn then yes eventually Winter, the buzz out there with my clients is comfort foods and making that transition from all the abundant healthy fruits and veggies of the summer to warming foods that will still support a anti-inflammatory diet.  A bit more in a future post about the "whys" … Continue reading Cook Once, Eat Twice

The Gold Is Within

In winding up a three week health intention that was initiated by a friend I have two tidbits to share with you. With being completely honest with you, the last two days before the weekend were disastrous!   Thursday started off well.  I left the house for a full day with all my snacks and healthy … Continue reading The Gold Is Within

“Diet” Licensing

This is a term I recently came across.   Although it’s something we have all done or practiced, it now has a name. Have you ever gone on a “diet” or “done a program” that after a commitment of a period of time you tell yourself “gosh, I’ve worked hard I’m going to have this such … Continue reading “Diet” Licensing

Food Matters   "FOOD MATTERS"   Because it does! A great documentary about food and the power of it on our health. For those of you that know me, know that my television viewing is almost non existent.  Even more so during the week.  With only being able to watch snippets of it so far as it … Continue reading Food Matters

Creating a “Healthy” Family

By now we’re settled into full swing of the September – June routine. As a family we started a habit over the summer, Sunday evening Family Meetings.  With “my” business turning into a family business the origin was to sit down and review the upcoming week.  In a few short weeks this planning session has … Continue reading Creating a “Healthy” Family

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Confused about nutrition? Don't be. The path to better health is simple-and agreed upon by almost all scientists. In this UltraWellness podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman explains how to optimize your nutrition and which supplements are crucial for vibrant health.! How does a Health and Wellness Coach differ from a Nutritionist or Trainer? There are … Continue reading How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health


Whenever I awaken in the morning within 10 min, whether it is my sub-conscious or conscious mind, I do a body scan.  How am I feeling; my body, my spirit, my mind. Thursday morning the results were tired.  Due to a late evening appointment, bed time was a off by a couple of hours.  I … Continue reading Awareness