streetFIT – Outdoor fitness

Studies found that exercising outdoors “was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression. Participants also reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity." PERFECT start to any weekend! No hype, no yelling, no BS. Just plain ol fitness outside. Join us in … Continue reading streetFIT – Outdoor fitness

5 Habits Can Add 14 Healthy Years to Your Life

Science confirms the longest living people in the world share commonalities; waking up with purpose, distressing, connection to faith, family is first and have close friendships. New research shows that you can add 12-14 years to your life with an additional 5 simple habits. “This study underscores the importance of following healthy lifestyle habits for … Continue reading 5 Habits Can Add 14 Healthy Years to Your Life

For Those That Don’t Like Exercise – 5 Tibetan Rites

I discovered this week, for times when you can't just sit for meditation or mindfulness, there's....the 5 Tibetan Rites.  Their a system of exercise, well let's call it movement, that is estimated to being 2,500 years old.  Some say it's the fountain of youth.  I took a liking to the rites because of the focus … Continue reading For Those That Don’t Like Exercise – 5 Tibetan Rites

Koolaid To Kale

Quite simply put..........are you tired of starting over......AGAIN! "THIS will be my year" you said about 330 days ago.  Yet, as the last month of the year looms, your mind drifts to the short comings of your health goals that you may have either started and fell by the wayside OR worse, didn't get past … Continue reading Koolaid To Kale

Whatz Up……….May

FROM  21 Century Classroom: Until educators have experienced shift, collab learning won't happen The power of Social Media;   get this questionnaire world wide for educational research.  Students 8-18 - Please SHARE. WiB - WOMEN in BUSINESS   Engaging in Wellness - Spring Detox We are holding an "Engaging in Wellness"  event.  The focus … Continue reading Whatz Up……….May

The “Big C”

Anit- cancer.  Wow, that took a lot of courage for me to say aloud.  ANTI CANCER!  I’m sure you are as well, but perhaps on a different level. Years ago I experienced an event that was physically challenging and inspiring; The Princess Margaret Weekend to End Cancer.  That was 10 years ago.  Here we are … Continue reading The “Big C”

“Hungry for Change” A-ha……..HEAVY METALS

  Heavy metals we’re not talking about Ozzy Osbourne, in your body – there are 23 of them!  The most dangerous to the body and of no use are mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum. Do you remember the liv-ah?  These are the substances that just keep going round and round and round on account … Continue reading “Hungry for Change” A-ha……..HEAVY METALS

Stagnant Lymphatic system

I was left with a high level of curiosity after reading my daily “Health Tip”: "Letting the lymphatic system become stagnant leads to impaired immunity and a degenerative process because the body is not able to properly cleanse and replenish."        Martin Dayton, M.D., D.O. Stagnant anything I knew is not a good thing.  Applying it … Continue reading Stagnant Lymphatic system

Oh Christmas Tree, the lessons you taught me

In thinking in a metaphorically way, this morning I sit looking at our Christmas tree that “made it through the night”.  It’s still standing! The ceremonial erecting of it occurred last night.  It all started with much excitement and anticipation.  Although it was tightly roped closed we could tell that it was a beauty and … Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree, the lessons you taught me