30 Day Whole Body Detox

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Sober in October


It’s all over the news: two drinks a day is a ok.  That’s if it’s alcohol cause if you’re consuming 2 fizzy drinks a day, well then, that’s a whole different story.

Then there’s the news about the value of resveratrol in wine.  Well, that along with my Italian heritage was all permission I needed to justify enjoying a glass of wine (or two) an evening.

Last October I decided to go coffee free for the month.  This was born out of the awareness that we have become a society where needing the jolt in the morning has become acceptable.  At the same time I found I was needing more of the kick yet enjoying it less.  I was the sort that a part of my night routine was to prepare my morning coffee maker.  My favorite was ground freshly and the timer set to go off precisely 10 minutes before my alarm.  I would lay in bed contemplate hitting a snooze button, then my senses would pick up the aroma of my fresh jolt waiting for me.

Drag myself down the stairs, barely awake, the brown liquid poured into my favorite mug.  Although it seemed like in an instant when I am certain it was more a gradual process that I was unaware of, I had an epiphany that I was needing this more than enjoying it.

May of this year I did a 5 day detox.  That in itself had a joke……”heck if I can’t have wine I may as well go to bed!”  Interesting how during those 5 days I would have THE BEST SLEEP.  I have done this program before and am well aware of the power of it.  This time around my results were very disappointing.  I was baffled and yes a tad frustrated.  My one daughter made a comment about it “being my age”!!!!  My age!  My age!  My whole life all needed to do is talk to my metabolism and it fires up!  I haven’t experienced a “weight problem” for 3o years.  Ah yes, I thought a bit more calmer……… my age.  This is very similar to when another daughter was a preteen; I reminded her that right now as a 11 year old, she can eat ice cream every day, BUT there will come a time when that will not serve you.  Between being in the process of, or right at the doorstep of menopause, there’s a lot of “stuff” going on.  My liver is working pretty darn hard right now.  Something needs to change!!!!

no wineThe same awareness that carried me to the doorstep of coffee free, is carrying me to Sober In October.  “Sober?  But mom you’re not a drunk” – 16 year old daughter.  Interesting, that society says it’s acceptable to have the couple of glasses a day.  WedMD says that one of the signs of alcohol abuse and/or dependency is that “You feel like you must drink just to get by”.  Being honest with ourselves is a huge first step:  I don’t need the glass of wine to get by BUT I do recognize that I need the glass of wine to relax.

In addition to supporting my liver with herbs and supplements, I am looking forward to input:

A recovering alcoholic to talk about dependencies.

A naturopath to share on what happens in the body (the liver) with daily exposure to alcohol

Strategies on how to relax at the end of busy days

In sharing my intention today with my naturopath, the last thing she said to me was that she was glad I was doing this.

So am I………………………………….

Crazyhorse For Crazy Healthy

  One of the best things for me in being a part of TMS (The Mustard Seed)  team is seeing many of you in the store and chatting about, of course, food.  I am personally working my way around and up … Continue reading

RESET Day 3 – I Cheated

Yesterday was Day 3 of the RESET cleanse/detox and I am making a public declaration, well I suppose it’s a confession……I cheated.

In coming clean with this last night and sharing it with my daughter her question was “whaaaat did you do?”

“I weighed myself” I confessed. She didn’t seem to think this was a big deal, but then again she hasn’t been around the block and back with the experience of the mind games we can play with our relationship with food, commitment, goals and our health as I have.

The experience that took me from being labeled as “the skinny active one” as a child, to personal disgust in myself with poor physical health and overweight as a young adult, back to skinny as a runner, onto 8 years of bulking up and leaning down, the physical commitment of 3 pregnancies and now journeying through the changes that the middle years bring. Talk about experience!

My sport of competitive bodybuilding food is your biggest tool. So is the scale. For the months and weeks of bulking then leaning down the right amount foods at all times is what will fuel your workouts. Workouts where your constantly moving forward. The scale and its importance appears on weigh in day. If your more than 1/2 a pound off, over, your placed in a different weight class. May not sound like a big deal but if you’ve been training and building for a middle weight and all of a sudden your over in your weight, your competing as a heavy weight. I’m sure you’ve seen and noticed the differences in different women and muscle mass!

During the 5 Day program one of my rules is to NOT weigh yourself until the 5 days are done. Due to our relationship with the scale and the tangible numbers that appear, it can be a make or break point.

Late in the day, I was 4 pounds down and other than fighting some sort of sore throat, feverish, headachy bug thing, I was feeling pretty good.

In comes, creeps, that little voice. “Damn, that’s great. It’s only three days and your near your goal with two to go”.

I could have, I really thought about……..something. *smack* *smack* Something, kinda treat like. Well sure it would have been healthy. Well, sure that would have been the intent.

Have you experienced this? Reward yourself with food? I like to call it licensing and to be honest with you, it is this licensing that has me doing the RESET. A summer full of it.

In starting day 4 I invite you to recognize any habits, awareness that you’ve received about yourself and your relationship with food.

-regularity in eating?
-planning your meals?


DETOXING. Care For Your Liver STARTS With The Skin

Such a great awareness about detoxing is happening, its no wonder.   Not only with liver disease on the rise, but people simply want to feel better.

There was a time when, years ago, upon hearing a diagnosis of liver disease the “himm’s” and “ahh’s” would happen whether they be spoken outright or the inside voice.  There was a time years ago when liver disease was related to  one thing…….alcohol.  In “England liver disease has reached record numbers”.   “Chronic liver diseases are common disease-related causes of death in the U.S.  Digestive and liver diseases are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality”.

Now a days the early diagnosis of liver disease has many scratching their heads.   So, they start detoxing.  There is one everyday action you are doing that will defeat the process of detoxing.  Using personal care products.

I’d like to explain something to you how it was explained to me, in the simplest way possible.    To start with, lets imagine with the end in mind…..the liver.

Every personal care product needs a preservative.  Parabens are the number one choice  preservative manufactures use.  When the samples are taken from male and female breast cancer survivors and analyzed, parabens are found.  So, why use it???  It’s cheap.  It adds a long shelf life to the product.  Have a look at your personal care product, notice how many ingredients end in “paraben”.   How many did you find?  Three?  Perhaps even five!!!

Now, one paraben in itself isn’t such a bad thing, IF you have a healthy functioning liver.  BUT, remember, each product you use daily has at least three different parabens.   AND…..how many products do you use on one shower or bath.  Wash (face and body), shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body spray, perfume.  Not to mention cosmetics.  I’m talking to you guys as well. I KNOW you wanna look good. 

Parabens are fat soluble so are more easily absorbed and more likely to accumulate in fatty tissue, the breast.  ARE you seeing a connection yet?

On a day to day, week to week , year to year level this all builds up.  We’ve just been talking about personal care products.  What about the foods you eat?  The stress in your life?  Hormones? Yep, again, talking to you guys as well.

The liver is overloaded!!!!  Your liver is overloaded!!!  If your liver is overloaded it simply takes whatever it is unable to deal with right now and dumps it back in to your system.  So, hows your PMS been?  Or your journey through menopause? A little intense?  Every month, if your liver is overloaded, it is unable to even process your hormones (YES you guys as well) and simply dumps them back into your system.   Detoxing is just one step.

Start your detox in the shower.  There is one product line that will provide you with all the good look support you need minus the parabens.  Sensé.  SIX years in the making and two patents later you have a product that stays fresh naturally!

Not only do I wish for you all to be the happiest you possibly can I also wish for you to be the very healthiest you can.  Getting the parabens off of your skin and out of your body is one the simplest ways.

Think of yourself and with Mothers Day coming, think of  celebrate, your mothers (Fathers Day isn’t too far off either), provide them with a health and liver supporting personal care products that are proven to revitalize skin, leaving it looking younger and more radiant.

We have some freebies BUT only until  May 12, 2013.  Grab yours!  SENSE April sale


Whatz Up……….May

FROM  21 Century Classroom:

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Engaging in Wellness – Spring Detox

We are holding an “Engaging in Wellness”  event.  The focus will be on the biggest organs of the body; skin and liver.
I like to call them engaging evenings because that’s what the evening involves.  Seeing and trying not only a nutritious PARABEN free skin care but also sampling foods that support, protect and cleanse the liver.
Your probably aware that your body is constantly exposed to a toxic soup of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants in the air you breath, the food you eat and the water you drink.
Add to that the toxic effects to your mind and spirit of a cluttered environment, packed schedule and other day to day life challenges we all face.
It’s no wonder you may end up feeling fatigued, stressed,overweight, not sleeping well, getting sick too often or suffering from joint aches, migraines, or digestive issues.
When you think about it.  Your liver, kidneys, lymph glands, and other organs are working overtime to clear everyday toxins from your body.  Yet a lifetime of exposure to these chemicals and heavy metals taxes your natural cleansing system, so it may not work as efficiently as it used to.
It’s the same as if you were to work overtime for weeks on end without taking a break.  Your mind and body start to fall apart!
If your mind, body and spirit are of value to you, Spring is the perfect time to look at adding a detox to your health regime.  So how do you get started?
By simply making a few, easy adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, I can personally tell you it feels fantastic to eliminate this toxic overload from your body!
It’s not just your body that will feel healthier and more energized.  Your mind as well will feel unburdened and open to new possibilities as you start to clean and take control of your health.
Feel free to bring a friend.  It’s always a fun and informative evening when ladies get together.  In the journey to living a healthier, more inspired life, requests for details of event will be handled privately……………..
Eat well, think well, live well; to your wellness