Should You Supplement

No you don't need supplements. True if...... *you eat wild, fresh, whole, organic, local, nongenetically modified food grown in virgin mineral- and nutrient-rich soil and not transported across vast distances and stored for months before eaten *if you work outside, breathe only fresh unpolluted air *drink only pure water *sleep nine hours a night *move … Continue reading Should You Supplement

30 Day Whole Body Detox

  If you're feeling any of these symptoms, this may be the ideal program for YOU! *Bloating, constipation. *Tired and lacking energy. *Dry skin and lack luster hair. *A feeling of living in a fog or cloudy head. *Discomfort after meals. *Unable to release those last few pounds. *Lack of motivation A fully supported program … Continue reading 30 Day Whole Body Detox

Sober in October

It’s all over the news: two drinks a day is a ok.  That’s if it's alcohol cause if you're consuming 2 fizzy drinks a day, well then, that’s a whole different story. Then there’s the news about the value of resveratrol in wine.  Well, that along with my Italian heritage was all permission I needed … Continue reading Sober in October

Crazyhorse For Crazy Healthy

  One of the best things for me in being a part of TMS (The Mustard Seed)  team is seeing many of you in the store and chatting about, of course, food.  I am personally working my way around and up to and trying everything in the store (talk about fun).  Let's face it, word of … Continue reading Crazyhorse For Crazy Healthy

RESET Day 3 – I Cheated

Yesterday was Day 3 of the RESET cleanse/detox and I am making a public declaration, well I suppose it's a confession......I cheated. In coming clean with this last night and sharing it with my daughter her question was "whaaaat did you do?" "I weighed myself" I confessed. She didn't seem to think this was a … Continue reading RESET Day 3 – I Cheated

DETOXING. Care For Your Liver STARTS With The Skin

Such a great awareness about detoxing is happening, its no wonder.   Not only with liver disease on the rise, but people simply want to feel better. There was a time when, years ago, upon hearing a diagnosis of liver disease the "himm's" and "ahh's" would happen whether they be spoken outright or the inside … Continue reading DETOXING. Care For Your Liver STARTS With The Skin

Whatz Up……….May

FROM  21 Century Classroom: Until educators have experienced shift, collab learning won't happen The power of Social Media;   get this questionnaire world wide for educational research.  Students 8-18 - Please SHARE. WiB - WOMEN in BUSINESS   Engaging in Wellness - Spring Detox We are holding an "Engaging in Wellness"  event.  The focus … Continue reading Whatz Up……….May