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Engaging in Wellness – Spring Detox

We are holding an “Engaging in Wellness”  event.  The focus will be on the biggest organs of the body; skin and liver.
I like to call them engaging evenings because that’s what the evening involves.  Seeing and trying not only a nutritious PARABEN free skin care but also sampling foods that support, protect and cleanse the liver.
Your probably aware that your body is constantly exposed to a toxic soup of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants in the air you breath, the food you eat and the water you drink.
Add to that the toxic effects to your mind and spirit of a cluttered environment, packed schedule and other day to day life challenges we all face.
It’s no wonder you may end up feeling fatigued, stressed,overweight, not sleeping well, getting sick too often or suffering from joint aches, migraines, or digestive issues.
When you think about it.  Your liver, kidneys, lymph glands, and other organs are working overtime to clear everyday toxins from your body.  Yet a lifetime of exposure to these chemicals and heavy metals taxes your natural cleansing system, so it may not work as efficiently as it used to.
It’s the same as if you were to work overtime for weeks on end without taking a break.  Your mind and body start to fall apart!
If your mind, body and spirit are of value to you, Spring is the perfect time to look at adding a detox to your health regime.  So how do you get started?
By simply making a few, easy adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, I can personally tell you it feels fantastic to eliminate this toxic overload from your body!
It’s not just your body that will feel healthier and more energized.  Your mind as well will feel unburdened and open to new possibilities as you start to clean and take control of your health.
Feel free to bring a friend.  It’s always a fun and informative evening when ladies get together.  In the journey to living a healthier, more inspired life, requests for details of event will be handled privately……………..
Eat well, think well, live well; to your wellness

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