That buzz isnt’ the bees, it’s all about protein shakes

From what I have been hearing this week protein shakes are the buzz.  “What’s up”, “what is the ratio”, “how soon after” are all the questions.  As well, why USANA’s NUTRIMEAL is my choice. First and foremost “how soon after” is crucial whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or looking to create a healthier … Continue reading That buzz isnt’ the bees, it’s all about protein shakes

Functional Foods

Although there is no universally accepted term for functional foods, “A functional food is similar in appearance to, or may be, a conventional food that is consumed as part of a usual diet, and is demonstrated to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions, i.e. they contain bioactive … Continue reading Functional Foods

Dry spells/Scarcity or Abundance/Flow

How do you handle “dry spells” “scarcity” in your life? I have to admit that in writing this post it was a challenge to organize my thoughts.  Where to start?  The chicken and egg thing.  My thoughts start at hoarding.  We’ve all, at some point, seen the tv shows where we get a peek into … Continue reading Dry spells/Scarcity or Abundance/Flow

Kids, Self Esteem and Summer

The best journey to take your kids on this summer is the trip to "self esteem". School is wrapping up and  I hear the itineraries of the summer filling up for the kids. How about "going back to the lab".  A term I use when the focus is taken inward.  A time to reassess and … Continue reading Kids, Self Esteem and Summer

Seeds of Intention – 2 weeks later

Here we are, 2 weeks post planting of the "seeds of intention". Although not record setting, it has been warm here in Southern Ontario.  In being particularly grateful for my two full rain barrels I set to the daily task of watering not only my pots of annuals but also the "seeds of intention" I … Continue reading Seeds of Intention – 2 weeks later

Courage on a Wire

What does courage look like?  I am taking June 15th to see it firsthand. How much courage do you see in a day?  In seeing a lot of courageous people, courage on this level I can honestly say, it have never witnessed.  Nik Wallenda, Daredevil, will walk over Niagara Falls. It wasn’t until I heard … Continue reading Courage on a Wire

Flourless (Glut Free) Chickpea Cake

In being new to the flourless/glut free world, my library of recipes is limited.  Well, how about nil!  In having a friend that has both a passion for cooking and an extensive library I have learned to trust his suggestions. This one is yet another gem.  Seriously,  I am running out of adjectives to describe … Continue reading Flourless (Glut Free) Chickpea Cake

“The more a diamond is cut…….

the more it sparkles." - Anonymous I accept no credit for originality with this one.  It is something I read in a teeny tiny book I have in the Hazelden Meditations Series,  "Today's Gift". With no matter what you have going on in any area of your life, may you find a little peace in … Continue reading “The more a diamond is cut…….