The Niagara Syndrome

Don't know who said it, I just found this as I was cleaning out an old and seldom used email account.  Being the visual person that I am AND having grown up in the mist of the falls, I get it!  Do you? "Most people live what I call "The Niagara Syndrome."    I believe that … Continue reading The Niagara Syndrome

Gardening (Life and Business) Lessons

I'm sure with this excerpt from “Growing Things” (by Allen R. Rumble) the author "caught" my brain waves: Top Ten Things I Have Learned From Gardening 10. We really do “reap what we sow”. Good seeds bear good fruit. 9. Without rains and storms, there is no growth – no fruit is produced. 8. When … Continue reading Gardening (Life and Business) Lessons

“The more a diamond is cut…….

the more it sparkles." - Anonymous I accept no credit for originality with this one.  It is something I read in a teeny tiny book I have in the Hazelden Meditations Series,  "Today's Gift". With no matter what you have going on in any area of your life, may you find a little peace in … Continue reading “The more a diamond is cut…….