Stress Sleep Dreams

It’s been said that we dream every night.  Well, that maybe true but I can say that I almost NEVER remember my dreams.

On those rare mornings that I wake up feeling a little agitated most often then not, it’s due to a dream.

This morning was one of those mornings.  Yay, I had a dream AND I remember it.  It was something about, now don’t laugh, a toilet.  This toilet had water overflowing from it.  This toilet wasn’t damaged or broken just water overflowing.  Yep, that’s all I remember. Looking at a toilet and it was overflowing.

In just finishing a call with our team I had a minute to look up the meaning.  Firstly, the call was to clear the air.  Two principals we nourish in building our business with our team:

A) within 24 hours it’s our problem.  After that it’s yours. The clock was ticking.
B) keep “the issues out of your tissues”.

The meaning of this dream was to come clean.  Eliminate, purge “yucky” stuff.  Now isn’t THAT interesting.

As soon as the call was finished I felt a lightness, a clearing in my gut.

Ohhhhhh, that explains “the dress”.  In going out to a show last night the tight fitting dress that I picked out the day before didn’t look or fit quite right.  You ladies know what I am talking about.   I ate well in the day (heck I just finished a mini cleanse) and still!!!!  What the heck.

Do you see the pattern:

issues>agitation(or whatever emotion we attach)>unwellness>dream>facing it>wellness  It really is that simple.

Think well, sleep well, live well.

Keep/get the issues out of your tissues

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