The search for a “Home/Natural” Mosquito Bite Remedy

In my growing awareness that in product labeling, it’s not so much about what’s listed in something that is a concern, it’s what’s listed “hiding” under another name.  Or even worse it’s what is not listed and yes I am sorry but that is a common practice. While managing some digestion issues, that were stress … Continue reading The search for a “Home/Natural” Mosquito Bite Remedy

Chocolate Gluten Free Chickpea Cake

Ha, I switched the words of the name of this recipe around just a touch.  I figured Chocolate would catch your eye first. Although there is that very small percentage that does not enjoy chocolate, most do. Secondly, you will find Gluten Free.  It seems to be a growing trend to implement into everyday lifestyles. … Continue reading Chocolate Gluten Free Chickpea Cake

EWG’s Safe Sunscreen Guide 2012

Summer time! With growing season it's the perfect time to make healthier food choices.   With longer days, outdoor living and loads of Vit  D from the sun. Regardless of  where you are in your health journey I think it's fair to say that everyone wants to improve and protect their health when it comes to … Continue reading EWG’s Safe Sunscreen Guide 2012

Fresh n Easy n Healthy Salad Dressings

We have been using homemade salad dressings for several years now.  I'm talking about just a bit more that the oil and vinegar. This product appears to be the latest in which when manufactured can hide a lot of sugar, salt and "stuff". This one is so easy a kid can throw it together.  Once … Continue reading Fresh n Easy n Healthy Salad Dressings

Asparagus Pesto

With Mother Nature cutting short my gardening morning with some liquid abundance, it's the perfect time to start my prep for my pesto. Growing season is soon upon us and the perfect time to get the very best of nutrition into your body.  With following the 5 mile rule local and fresh produce will be … Continue reading Asparagus Pesto

Melatonin – more bang for your buck (and health)

Talk about more bang for your buck. This tiny little supplement is both fat and water soluble. Which means as well as being excreted on a daily level it also stores in the cells. You can have a quick read here that it is also a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Be sure … Continue reading Melatonin – more bang for your buck (and health)

Whatz Up……….May

FROM  21 Century Classroom: Until educators have experienced shift, collab learning won't happen The power of Social Media;   get this questionnaire world wide for educational research.  Students 8-18 - Please SHARE. WiB - WOMEN in BUSINESS   Engaging in Wellness - Spring Detox We are holding an "Engaging in Wellness"  event.  The focus … Continue reading Whatz Up……….May

School Wellness May – Spring, renewal……change

As I sit here, inside, I hear noises outside.                 Life is happening, the day, another one is unfolding. The sun has yet to come up yet the birds are making such a noise.  Even my cat Ali knows that “somethings” up.   Although having gone outside for a treat while being carried on and occasion … Continue reading School Wellness May – Spring, renewal……change