The search for a “Home/Natural” Mosquito Bite Remedy

In my growing awareness that in product labeling, it’s not so much about what’s listed in something that is a concern, it’s what’s listed “hiding” under another name.  Or even worse it’s what is not listed and yes I am sorry but that is a common practice.

While managing some digestion issues, that were stress related, I came across a piece of information.  In taking USANA’s Chewable Calcium for bone support I was made aware that this can also be used as antacids. Laser focus is a good thing except that while I was focusing on managing the ache every time I ate, I was unaware of the dangers of antacids. I was popping them like candies, well, almonds on account that I seldom consume candy.

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t use them.  I don’t need to re-invent the wheel.  Take a proactive stand in your health and find the simple yet very valuable information on the internet.

Then came the summer season and our pleasure in camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  For years we have avoided bug sprays and choose to cover up in layers.  Needless to say after one camping trip there we annoying mosquito bites to deal with.  My search began for a “home/natural”  mosquito itch remedy.  Along with several others (which I will list below), antacids were revealed as a source.  I DON’T THINK SO!!!!  No way is that stuff getting near me.

Of course I turned to USANA and the chewable calcium once again to protect and relieve mine and my families’ health on yet another level.  I knew their standard was beyond exceptional (Pharmaceutical Grade) and what is in the bottle is what is on the label – GUARANTEED!  It’s not about getting my money back if I was able to prove USANA wrong, it’s about trusting that they really and truly have health first and foremost in their products.

By simply dissolving the tablet in a couple tablespoons of water and crushing it you make a paste.  Apply the paste to the itch for relief.  Yes, it is white and doesn’t look all that great, but that’s your call.

Some other summer survival suggestions (

Ice Packs

  • To cool off the mosquito sting, place two ice cubes in a paper towel or sandwich bag and apply the ice to the sting. Keep the ice cubes on the welt until the swelling goes down.

Baking Soda and Water

  • Fill a drinking glass with cold water and add 1 tsp. of baking soda. Stir the mixture well to dissolve the baking soda. Dip a cloth or towel into the solution and apply it to the mosquito bite for 20 minutes.

Epsom Salt

  • Fill a pot with hot water and add 1 tbsp. of Epsom salt. Stir the mixture and let it cool in your refrigerator. Dip a cloth or towel into the Epsom salt solution and apply the mixture to the mosquito bite for 20 minutes.

There are also suggestions of table salt, deodorant, and bleach.  Personally, I wouldn’t let them near my skin.

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