Scientific Critique of Many Online Skin Care Sites

Although you will be putting your sunscreen on the back shelf for this weekend with Mother Nature washing our earth with Her liquid abundance, the same caution your practicing in choosing sun protection should be applied to daily skin care.

How do you know whats good? How do you know what works?  Most importantly, how do you know what’s safe?  Heck, with stars like Hilary Duff using Johnson & Johnson on her new born, isn’t  that proof enough?  WRONG!

As Dr.and Dave Wentz state in “Wear Gloves”, “science cannot move quickly enough to ensure product safety“.  We are encouraged to “LEARN, be careful whose advice you buy, be the type of person that has learned to question.  Do research, find answers for yourself“.

If your like most people you turn to the internet as a source for answers. There is a lot of misinformation is available on the internet (especially when it comes to personal care products), and unfortunately it is often the first thing that comes up when people look into ingredients.

In my belief of not having to “reinvent the wheel”, here is an excellent research article on “Scientific Critique of Many Online Skin Care Sites”.

While your “there” be sure to check out one article that gave me a HUGE “a-ha” in regards to Vit D and skipping the shower.

My choice:  the only thing that goes on mine and my families skin and u;ultimately into our bodies  is SENSE.

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