What Supp – Some Is Good More Is Better?

I heard on the radio this morning about the value in taking vitamin K.  It’s good for bone health, heart health, brain function, a healthy metabolism, blood clotting AND protects against cancer. The old me, the way back, once upon … Continue reading

What Supp

A new weekly feature…….What Supp. As in What Supplement.  Sooner or later you will be faced with a need to reach for nutritional supplements to do exactly that….supplement your diet. As a competitive bodybuilder for 8 years I seldom, on … Continue reading

Welcome Back 5 Day RESET

What Goes Around Comes Around – Welcome back 5 DAY RESET Jelly sandals, Polaroid cameras, and 90s everything aren’t the only things making a big comeback—the 5-Day RESET™ weight-management jumpstart kit WILL BE back. And it’s better than ever. This … Continue reading

Conversations With My Thumb

Typically, your hands are the weakest link in a chain when working back. If your grip gives out first, you won’t be able to maximally stimulate your back, no matter how strong all the other links are.

Add some severe narrowing and severe arthritis of the first CMC joint (joint of the hand) you have the makings of a debilitating disease that could be nothing more than an excuse to do nothing.

OR the opportunity to take proactive steps to healing and getting stronger.

thumbless 2I was taught years ago that in back weight training you are to use a thumb-less grip.  It eliminates the bicep (we want to take the action AWAY from the bicep) which can assist in exercise performance when it comes to working the back muscles. You then isolate the targeted muscles and get the most from the movement.thumbless grip

Old habits die hard.  Despite an achy, swollen thumb joint for the last year I kept going.   Some good days, some bad days.  But, always kept moving.  I would talk to my thumb, caress and nurture my thumb.  I’d tell my thumb how much I loved it and appreciated it.  Yep, unconditional love for my body.  My conversations with my thumb joint were heard…….dumbell

One year later; reduced pain, improved function and minimal swelling!!! All naturally.

Discover a personalized path to a healthier, happier life.


“Many drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis have potentially serious side effects.”

Vitamin E + Deficiency = fractures

If your reading this and your one of the over 64% of the population that takes supplements, QUICK go grab your multi. Have a look at the back for Vitamin E:  “There are several forms of vitamin E. d-alpha-tocopherol is the … Continue reading

RESET Day 3 – I Cheated

Yesterday was Day 3 of the RESET cleanse/detox and I am making a public declaration, well I suppose it’s a confession……I cheated.

In coming clean with this last night and sharing it with my daughter her question was “whaaaat did you do?”

“I weighed myself” I confessed. She didn’t seem to think this was a big deal, but then again she hasn’t been around the block and back with the experience of the mind games we can play with our relationship with food, commitment, goals and our health as I have.

The experience that took me from being labeled as “the skinny active one” as a child, to personal disgust in myself with poor physical health and overweight as a young adult, back to skinny as a runner, onto 8 years of bulking up and leaning down, the physical commitment of 3 pregnancies and now journeying through the changes that the middle years bring. Talk about experience!

My sport of competitive bodybuilding food is your biggest tool. So is the scale. For the months and weeks of bulking then leaning down the right amount foods at all times is what will fuel your workouts. Workouts where your constantly moving forward. The scale and its importance appears on weigh in day. If your more than 1/2 a pound off, over, your placed in a different weight class. May not sound like a big deal but if you’ve been training and building for a middle weight and all of a sudden your over in your weight, your competing as a heavy weight. I’m sure you’ve seen and noticed the differences in different women and muscle mass!

During the 5 Day program one of my rules is to NOT weigh yourself until the 5 days are done. Due to our relationship with the scale and the tangible numbers that appear, it can be a make or break point.

Late in the day, I was 4 pounds down and other than fighting some sort of sore throat, feverish, headachy bug thing, I was feeling pretty good.

In comes, creeps, that little voice. “Damn, that’s great. It’s only three days and your near your goal with two to go”.

I could have, I really thought about……..something. *smack* *smack* Something, kinda treat like. Well sure it would have been healthy. Well, sure that would have been the intent.

Have you experienced this? Reward yourself with food? I like to call it licensing and to be honest with you, it is this licensing that has me doing the RESET. A summer full of it.

In starting day 4 I invite you to recognize any habits, awareness that you’ve received about yourself and your relationship with food.

-regularity in eating?
-planning your meals?