Between A Rock and A Hard Place

rock and a hard place                TV, no need to rant about how much of a time sucker it can be! No need to quote studies that prove how directly related a health status can be in relation to the amount of television watch. Or the deterioration of relationships and family life due to hours of viewing time.

We got rid of our cable years ago simply because the return on investment was low. Now in comparison there are hundreds that have gym memberships, pay a monthly fee. This can actually work as a motivator to get off your butt and do something good. I’m sure way back, in the beginning, it’s what got me to the gym. Working a full time job and for a brief period adding in a part time one in, reasons were ample to head to the couch rather than a bench press.

Over the years I recall regretting turning on the idiot box to only get sucked into a mid week movie that ended way past my bedtime which caused me to be tired the next day. Not worth it!

With just 2 weeks into Netflix I am still assessing its value in our lives. We connected with it to catch “Decoding Deepak” as well as some health documentaries; “Food Matters”, “Super Size Me”, etc.

Deciding that we’d do a family night with a “flix” the challenge of decision, what to watch, came upon us.
Comedy……..nah. I’ve got a cat and a dog who provide me with tons of comic relief.
Drama…..oh please. I have the youngest of my three daughters who is a teenager.
Action…..nooooope. Last thing I want is stimulation. Besides, our “24” season dvd’s are within arms reach.
Romance……pass. “Under The Tuscan Sun” is etched in me. I know where to find a romantic fix, even if it is someone else’s for now.

My usual choices for television viewing are involved around quality rather than brain numbing “garbage”. I want to FEEL something. I want something metaphoric, a-ha that leaves me thinking. This evening was going to be a relaxing “guilty pleasure” evening of television viewing.Cruising through the playlist took two or three rounds, the pickings looked slim…….we decided upon “127 Hours“.I had heard about “this guy” when it first happened, the guy who cut his arm off when, while on a hike, it got lodged.

If you haven’t seen it, my apologies in revealing some of the story line.  This movie gets a two thumbs up on numerous levels. With basically only one major role in “127 Hours” I remember a movie back in the 1980’s, “Quest For Fire“.  In “Quest” there was no speaking which was really weird for me and if I recall “Quest” is not at the top of my “re-watch” list.  “127 Days” has content that really resonated with me.

In many of his flashbacks, the character reflects on his inability to stay in contact with his mother.  Numerous unanswered voice messages left by her, has now, with his life flashing before him, faced with regret.  Jim Rohn has said “There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret”.  Dang, as if the weight of a 800 pound boulder on your arm for five days isn’t painful enough.  His physical body was wretched and full of pain…….now his spirit with the pain of regret.
Many of us are familiar with “between a rock and a hard place” as merely words.  What IF……your life or its experiences were to manifest in a boulder?  Where would you be when it falls?  How heavy would it be?  Would you have the internal drive to over come it?
As a species very few of us live the sort of life that takes us into adventurous places.  Places that could possibly expose us to experiencing our “boulder”.  Perhaps as a species our “between rock and a hard place” is our health.
WHAT IF…..the “hard place” is a disease diagnosis?  WHAT IF being diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or any one of over 80 auto immune diseases is the boulder that has fallen?
Are you done with being in the canyon where Aron once was, filled with mad and blaming?  Have you had the flashbacks that give you insight to what has taken you to having this boulder fall on you?  Are you now prepared to, brave enough to “cut off your arm”.  Do what ever it takes with courage and focus?
IF you have answered yes, then NOW is the time for your plan, your map, your life line out of the canyon!!!

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