Blindness. Is It The New Epidemic

What an interesting video that has provoked interesting and unorganized thoughts on blindness: Sight.........We only "see" after our brains interpret what's sent to them from our eyes. We all know someone that although has 2 eyes in their head, two perfectly working eyes, yet they are blind. Do the images of life take a detour … Continue reading Blindness. Is It The New Epidemic

A Cookie Is More Than a Calorie

Here we are on the morn of the sixth year  I have co-ordinated the Baked Goods table at our parish community Christmas Bazaar. Me, Ms. Health Nut at the Baked Goods table.  lol.  Yep. I love the chance to flex my self control muscle. I want to share in it's entirety a chapter in my … Continue reading A Cookie Is More Than a Calorie

Mouth Yoga

I got curious months ago in observing faces of folks while out n about. So many people in their busyness of days walk around with scowls and frowns leading to prematurely wrinkling. With no apparent and visual signs of physical discomfort, there are permanent frown like expressions pasted upon so many faces. Cheeks are long … Continue reading Mouth Yoga

Work Only Your “Good Hours” to Become More Productive

Finally! Permission to know when to go and more importantly, know when to stop!
One of the benefits to being an entrepreneur is the hours. Setting your hours of operation around your life. You will do yourself, your business, your clients, your families the best of service in recognizing when you’re at your best.
If you’re an early riser (like me) it’s ok to do those activities that require your best thinking and energy in the early hours. Likewise if your a night owl.
Recognize your internal clock and work within it.

The Not Big Anymore, Formerly Fat Guy

Of course the sign pictured isn’t for real but —  you can accomplish a lot more by following our two basic time management techniques:

(1) Set a particular number of minutes and work on ONLY that thing for those minutes, then take a break or commit for another certain number of minutes.

(2) Find your good times of day to do big things:  Work Only Your “Good Hours” to Become More Productive.

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