Blindness. Is It The New Epidemic

What an interesting video that has provoked interesting and unorganized thoughts on blindness:

Sight………We only “see” after our brains interpret what’s sent to them from our eyes.

We all know someone that although has 2 eyes in their head, two perfectly working eyes, yet they are blind.

Do the images of life take a detour through the heart/spirit before being interpreted from the brain? A detour that takes life’s experiences as what they are, life; and distort them into bitter thoughts and memories. Ultimately into bitter actions.

At this time of the year many folks are rushing to vaccinate themselves against highly contagious illnesses. It is my curious mind that is wondering if blindness is reaching epidemic numbers.


The eye as complex as it is, really is just a sensory organ which enables us to see. Sensory organs of vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, that are all connected.

Today, pity not the blind person sitting on a corner, or walking through streets with a white cane. Today, pity the person who’s heart has been blinded by life.

Take them by the hand and lead them with your light.

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