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The Not Big Anymore, Formerly Fat Guy

Researchers say we humans have a limited supply of willpower, like a muscle that can be exhausted. If we use up our willpower resisting one temptation we will have less in reserve to resist the next. That’s a big deal …

via Cartoonist Scott Adams on How to Build Willpower for the Weak |


Starting with the obvious —

We disagree that turning down a cupcake makes you less likely to be able to turn down a relationship-busting sexual misadventure.

But having said that, the rest of this particular article is a good read.  Click the link about to click through and read the article.

Can you combine something you’re not really looking forward to, with something you  will REALLY look forward to, so that the overall event is pleasurable?  For example could you combine an all-out weightlifting session with a soak in the gym’s hot tub…

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