What Supp

A new weekly feature…….What Supp. As in What Supplement.  Sooner or later you will be faced with a need to reach for nutritional supplements to do exactly that….supplement your diet.
As a competitive bodybuilder for 8 years I seldom, on and off took nutritional supplements.  “I get EVERYTHING from my food” a mindset that stuck with me for many years afterwards.


Now let’s think about this; when we are pregnant it is (almost) mandatory that some isolated nutrients via supplements be introduced and rightly so.  There area exceptional demands on our bodies with the growing of another human life within.

The first factor I would like to address is stress.  Got stress?  Talk about demands on the body.  Stress……changes your DNA!  A recent finding linked stressful experiences such as divorce, job loss and death of a child to poor cognition later in life…..Alzheimers.
I had to reevaluate my “diet” and implement a customized nutritional supplement plan as I experienced all three within 10 years.  Although it wasn’t the death of a child, it was my beloved Father.

Along with Co enzyme Q10 and fish oils, there are numerous other micro nutrients that can prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms.  Plant that seed of supplementation today with a customized program.



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