What Supp – Glucosamine

This week I celebrated the 7 year anniversary of the camping trip where I torn my meniscus.  Never, ever before had I been so crippled in my active lifestyle.

Wish I had an exciting story to go along with the tear, but I was just washing the dishes in a KOA campground.  One little turn to return to the site and I was down, along with the bucket of dishes strewn all over the ground.  I heard it and with the instant swelling I felt it and witnessed it. knees

I figure I had choices at this point in recovery: surgery, succumbing to age, or support my body in the repair.   In choosing a more holistic approach to healing I participated in 2 rounds of acupuncture and weeks of laser therapy.  Two other practices that have lasted the 7 years are foam rolling and started taking a glucosamine supplement.

Although I had been taking a variety of supplements, never a glucosamine formula and the difference, well life changing. Most often if you have to miss work on account of an injury, well, no big deal, you may even plow through your days.  BUT, when you can’t do the things in life that bring you joy or satisfaction, that’s the turning point for permanent and long lasting strategies.   It is now suggested that you try other ways BEFORE you get a scope on the knee.

Now I can’t make any health claims but in doing my own experiment, I took the supplement for months then stopped.

Oh ya, your body will tell you ;>happy knees

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