What Supp – Some Is Good More Is Better?

what supp

I heard on the radio this morning about the value in taking vitamin K.  It’s good for bone health, heart health, brain function, a healthy metabolism, blood clotting AND protects against cancer.

The old me, the way back, once upon a time me, would have run out to the store and purchased Vitamin K.  I’ve done that (years ago), whatever the latest news or trend was in a supplement, I was on it!  Most often they would end up expiring in the cupboard as I noticed no difference.  Then there was the thinking, to a degree, if some is good more is better, right?  WRONG!

Some vitamins are fat soluble and others are water soluble.  Basically, fat soluble means that our body can store it in fat cells and water soluble passes through us on a daily basis.    Vitamin K is fat soluble and there are three

I have talked to numerous people asking for an isolated vitamin.  In this case, if someone heard the same advertisement as I did there would an inquiry for just a vitamin K supplement.

We need to think of vitamins (and nutrient from our foods) as a chemical reaction in our bodies.  They NEED one or more other micro nutrients in order to be available, assimilated and used in the body eg:  calcium needs Vitamin D to be absorbed and they need to be in the just right amounts. New research is focusing on the synergy between vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 for synergy.

Fortunately we don’t need to be a chemist.  USANA Health Sciences offers a personalized and option for customized approach to nutrition and nutritional supplements.  They manufacture the highest-rated, most effective nutritional supplements and health care products in the world.  They take the guessing out by manufacturing products that are balanced and backed by science to provide the best ingredient by ingredient in perfect synergy.

Not sure what your specific needs are?  Find out here……



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