What Supp – Some Is Good More Is Better?

I heard on the radio this morning about the value in taking vitamin K.  It’s good for bone health, heart health, brain function, a healthy metabolism, blood clotting AND protects against cancer. The old me, the way back, once upon … Continue reading

Sober in October


It’s all over the news: two drinks a day is a ok.  That’s if it’s alcohol cause if you’re consuming 2 fizzy drinks a day, well then, that’s a whole different story.

Then there’s the news about the value of resveratrol in wine.  Well, that along with my Italian heritage was all permission I needed to justify enjoying a glass of wine (or two) an evening.

Last October I decided to go coffee free for the month.  This was born out of the awareness that we have become a society where needing the jolt in the morning has become acceptable.  At the same time I found I was needing more of the kick yet enjoying it less.  I was the sort that a part of my night routine was to prepare my morning coffee maker.  My favorite was ground freshly and the timer set to go off precisely 10 minutes before my alarm.  I would lay in bed contemplate hitting a snooze button, then my senses would pick up the aroma of my fresh jolt waiting for me.

Drag myself down the stairs, barely awake, the brown liquid poured into my favorite mug.  Although it seemed like in an instant when I am certain it was more a gradual process that I was unaware of, I had an epiphany that I was needing this more than enjoying it.

May of this year I did a 5 day detox.  That in itself had a joke……”heck if I can’t have wine I may as well go to bed!”  Interesting how during those 5 days I would have THE BEST SLEEP.  I have done this program before and am well aware of the power of it.  This time around my results were very disappointing.  I was baffled and yes a tad frustrated.  My one daughter made a comment about it “being my age”!!!!  My age!  My age!  My whole life all needed to do is talk to my metabolism and it fires up!  I haven’t experienced a “weight problem” for 3o years.  Ah yes, I thought a bit more calmer……… my age.  This is very similar to when another daughter was a preteen; I reminded her that right now as a 11 year old, she can eat ice cream every day, BUT there will come a time when that will not serve you.  Between being in the process of, or right at the doorstep of menopause, there’s a lot of “stuff” going on.  My liver is working pretty darn hard right now.  Something needs to change!!!!

no wineThe same awareness that carried me to the doorstep of coffee free, is carrying me to Sober In October.  “Sober?  But mom you’re not a drunk” – 16 year old daughter.  Interesting, that society says it’s acceptable to have the couple of glasses a day.  WedMD says that one of the signs of alcohol abuse and/or dependency is that “You feel like you must drink just to get by”.  Being honest with ourselves is a huge first step:  I don’t need the glass of wine to get by BUT I do recognize that I need the glass of wine to relax.

In addition to supporting my liver with herbs and supplements, I am looking forward to input:

A recovering alcoholic to talk about dependencies.

A naturopath to share on what happens in the body (the liver) with daily exposure to alcohol

Strategies on how to relax at the end of busy days

In sharing my intention today with my naturopath, the last thing she said to me was that she was glad I was doing this.

So am I………………………………….

Vitamin E + Deficiency = fractures

If your reading this and your one of the over 64% of the population that takes supplements, QUICK go grab your multi. Have a look at the back for Vitamin E:  “There are several forms of vitamin E. d-alpha-tocopherol is the … Continue reading

CoQ10 – The Proof is in the Pudding

 headline news                     Have you heard of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)????  It’s a naturally occurring enzyme that is produced in the body.

It is necessary for the basic functioning of cells.   Back to science class….cells are the basic unit of life.

CoQ10 levels have been  reported to decrease with age and to be low in patients with some chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.  If your taking  prescription drugs you may also experience lower levels of CoQ10.

Now, are you familiar with free radicals????  Free radicals contribute to the aging process.  As well, the process of degenerative diseases, even some cancers.   CoQ10 is responsible for batting free radicals and reducing the chances of developing health issues.

Let’s first go to our foods for sources of CoQ10:

Organ meats  (ewww, liver)
Vegetables and Grains (MUST be unprocessed and fresh.  FRESH as in local and just picked)

Hopefully by now you are supplementing with fish oils.  What about a CoQ10?

It has been unclear whether replacing “low CoQ10” with supplements is beneficial.

Well, up until today.

Breaking News on Supplements & Nutrition – Europe

First powered study shows CoQ10 can reduce heart failure by half

co enzyme blog

With that being said, allow me to introduce you to USANA Spotlight Product of the Week:

CoQuinone® 30
It’s all about energy—especially energy on a cellular level. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in creating energy in the cells. Coenzyme Q10 helps convert food energy into cellular energy. There is also a concentration of coenzyme Q10 in the heart and organs with high-energy demands. USANA combined alpha-lipoic acid with coenzyme Q10 to create CoQuinone 30, a fantastic supplement of these energy-supporting nutrients. The benefits associated with these nutrients include sound muscle function, healthy nerve function, and good cardiovascular health. As you age, your body naturally produces less coenzyme Q10. Fortunately, the proprietary CoQuinone 30 formula is clinically proven to deliver more CoQ10 to the blood stream than competing products.

Your health……your way!

Value + Quality = Price

In Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade I introduced you to a standard that is set out there in manufacturing.  I hope your looking at the shelves in the stores and your pantry just a little different.

Even though you may not make any changes in anything you do, it is our goal that you AT LEAST look at your world a bit differently.  Perhaps one day a slight change will come which will create a momentous switch in the quality of your health. 

I, myself continue to grow in an awareness of how widespread quality and value can be found and the impact it has on not only my health, but my families and beyond.

So often in my industry there is much resistance and doubt in the value of  making the switch to organic from non and to quality nutrition in supplements.

In thinking of the bigger picture and with thanks to and together with Johnnys Coffee, I’d  like to share some thoughts on coffee.

The good stuff out there, how to find it, why it matters.

Quality and value matter, cause you do.

Second Chances

Have you ever won the lottery?   I’m talking about winning it big not just the free ticket or or the $10.

You are more likely to:

*Be killed in a terrorist attack while travelling (1 in 650,000).
*Die — during an average lifetime — of flesh-eating disease (1 in one million).
*Be killed by lightning (1 in 56,439).
*You are three times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident driving 16 kilometres to buy your ticket than winning the jackpot.
*In 2002, you were about 10 times more likely to die after being bitten by a poisonous snake or lizard than to win a Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Odds for the snakebite death are one in 1,241,661, according to the U.S. National Safety Council.

What about second chances?  Surely the best second chance anyone can have, is the second chance at life.  Oprah has a great post on second chances in life.

The number one cause of death continues to be heart disease.  Although it has been classed up there with other silent killers, I do believe there are symptoms.

I am thrilled to introduce you to one such person.  Meet Richard.  Richard is an business acquaintance.  Being connected with the health and wellness industry Richard “heard” his body speaking to him.  Thank you Richard for allowing me to share your important message in it’s entirety.

To you Richard and any and every other second chancer, I celebrate the breath of today for you.

“WOW, I am so grateful to have just won what I call the Lottery For/Of Life!! You may have noticed I have been a bit quiet as of late…and for good reason….

You see a great mystery has been unraveling since convention and it came to a head on Friday…

To make a very long and concerning story short…Myself and of course Pauline along with a team of physicians and 3 different hospital facilities have attempted and finally got to the root cause of a medical problem that has had folks (particularly me J ) mystified…. You see I did not fit any particular profile for what I was experiencing and fortunately I kept, as did my medical team, focused on one Mantra that should sound familiar…My Health-My Life-My Way!!! There would be NO throwing up of the hands!!!

Severe but only at rest times burning and pressure just below my left clavicle set up interdentally….no indication of Coronary issues…. (strong and steady resting pulse of 65, PB 125/75, negative enzyme tell tails, great resting and moderate stress test EKG’s, tests for pulmonary function and occlusion , questioning about stress/psychology, even x-rays and other test for masses and even more)….and all we knew was in the end and never under physical activity…I would experience short burst of troubling discomfort!!

But this past Thursday brought this to a stark and confirming course of positive action….We Went Nuclear!!! With a combo of isotope injections, other stress inducing drugs and physical stress at the Cardiac Investigative Unit in Hamilton…BANG and on monitor we finally got a witnessed and pretty dramatic event!!!! And by 9am Friday had the pictures and solution in place…..You see I, Richard Cameron, had my Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery 90% occluded….. and here is the kicker…..all else is perfectly clear and way better than “Normal” (I have the pictures)…..The great news is with some magic metal 90% is now 0% blocked!! (By the way BP now 105/70 and resting pulse 62)

So why do I say I won the “Lottery of Life”…. It pretty much is obvious….This is the classic case suffered by so many..that no physical would ever pick up….and what I will absolutely attribute to my embracing of the USANA Difference!! It would appear that this can be very Hereditary in Nature (all blood family member have been notified)….that the Cardiac Surgeon was amazed that with an occlusion like this there was no collateral artery issues, no tissue damage…..and of course vitals never even gave a hint…… My USANA regimen had my back!!! Make sure it has yours too!!  You have heard me say..”USANA is NOT an immunity bubble, but it can make the difference between Life and Death and Quality over Drudgery”!

I’ll have to share an extra anecdotal story or two with those that are interested….But Indeed, I Feel Like I Just One the Lottery of Life as the majority of folks in this situation find out that hard way..a premature visit to the Pearly Gates…..so much time for reflection these past weeks….

It feels good to get this behind me..Yes I have some personal physical objectives and undoubtedly you will see them or even better yet enjoy the journey with me….But even more profound the embracing of the Very Direction of making a difference in many others Life….I have really come to appreciate the moving forward mantra of USANA..it has such a strength of purpose….

“Everything We Do Helps You Love Life And Live It”

Well….the above mantra about sums it up…..

Below my signature is an excerpt for all to ponder….



 Richard Cameron
International Trainer/Director

Connecting People With Purpose



“Your time is limited.”

Those are four words from the Stanford University commencement speech Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs gave in 2005.

Right after those four words he said the following…

” …so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly
want to become.”

A source of inspiration for many, Steve Jobs lived an enviable life…

He enjoyed spectacular success, had enough wealth to do whatever he pleased, worked in a career he loved, and achieved total autonomy in his business

Jobs would be the first one to tell you that you too can live an enviable life with the wealth you desire and personal time to enjoy the things you love most in life.”

REMEMBER, there is no such thing as just “a little heart attack

                                                      LOVE LIFE AND LIVE IT!

Digestive Enzymes – simplistically, tried and tested

“Studies published in the UC Davis Health Journal state that, “Spirulina increased antibody responses and the activity of natural killer cells, which destroy infected and cancerous cells in the body.”

And I thought I was just trying to enjoy broccoli.

“Two min to go, then I’m on with my fabulous day.” This was what I thought 2 minutes after a breakthrough in regards to my health my body, food and USANA’s DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

How many times have you tried or experienced something then followed the natural course of action…….shared the story or experience? That is exactly how my industry works. The difference is that in sharing I not only greatly improve the lives of others but get paid for it. It’s like going to a great restaurant and having such a positive experience that you share with your friend the establishments name. They go in, try it. How nice would it have been for you to get a commission?

This posting is about my experience, my breakthrough with one product that I recently tried. Digestive Enzymes from USANA Health Sciences.

As well with my industry of health and wellness I am well aware of the claims thing. I am making no claims but simply sharing my story.

I have had negative experiences with three food items; corn, broccoli and breads. I want to share with you about the two veggies.

In regards to “diet” there is a lot of attention paid to what goes in. Although more attention is now being paid to the middle part (digestion), what about the ending? Elimination.

This is where my first experience with Digestive Enzymes happened. I don’t recall any adverse affects of food on me as a kid perhaps it is due to the fact that some of our foods have and continue to be changing. Hence, GMO! Corn however for most of my adult life went in and came out almost instantly the same. Having not had a taste of local corn all summer I so longed for the taste, crunch and of course flossing feast afterwards. “Lets give these a try” I thought. How shall I say, I never saw the corn again in its whole and complete form. “Hmmm, interesting” I pondered.

13 years ago, after giving birth to my third child and every single time after that, upon consuming broccoli I would almost instantly be keeled over with gut pain, bloat and gas. No need to get a diagnosis I thought, there are tons of veggies to choose from. I will just avoid it. The very first time this appeared was only 6 weeks after she was born. Within minutes I was so unbearably in pain that a trip to emerg was pending. It wasn’t until several other experiences did I narrow this down to the consumption of broccoli.

With much resistance from my kids over the next 10 years I would every now and then just give it a try. Almost instant discomfort and pain and I was on the couch for the next 4 hours or so. Regardless of where we were I would start to get glares and vocal cries, “no mom don’t try it today”.

Last week there was some leftover Pho. Being a rainy day I wanted some comforting soup. As I dumped it into a pot to warm on the stove I noticed there was broccoli in it. I quickly assessed my afternoon. There were no little voices pleading with me not to try and really, I had a couple of spare hours if I ended up on the couch.

I grabbed the enzymes, popped two of them and with the bowl sitting in front of me, although I was setting good intentions, braced myself for the worse.

Setting a timer for 30 min after consuming the soup, I waited. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Some quickies on digestive enzymes:
Simply put, digestive enzymes aid in the absorption of nutrients and assist in the breaking down of the food particles you eat. If you have experienced digestive discomfort, gas, bloating, low energy and allergy-like reactions to food, the easiest thing to look at is your digestive enzymes.

Amylase is needed to break down carbohydrates, including whole grains, white flours, sugars and starchy vegetables. Amylase is found in pancreatic and intestinal juices, but is also found in your saliva. This means that the digestive process of carbohydrates actually begins in the mouth, making chewing your food really well even more important.

Protease helps you to digest protein. The proper digestion of protein is vital. Undigested protein particles can pass through your intestinal wall and end up in your bloodstream. This process is called “leaky gut syndrome” and can cause allergic reactions ranging from fever to abdominal pain. Proper absorption of protein in needed for energy and the rebuilding of muscle and cell tissue.

Lipase is what allows your body to properly digest fat. Lipase is found in many foods that contain fat. Choosing the right healthy fats allows your body to burn fat more efficiently. Your body needs both the lipase produced in your stomach and pancreatic juices, as well lipase from food sources, in order to optimally use the nutrients from the fat you eat.

Prior to these little experiments, we tried the Digestive Enzymes while camping and enjoying a “farmer style breakfast”.

Digestive Enzymes explained.

My belief in this product rose. A little tiny green pill loaded with everything that needs to be there; spirulina, alpha-amylase, bromelain, protease, lipase, lactase, papain, cellulase. And from USANA I can be sure that this is at optimal levels.

I thank you USANA, my gut thanks you and my family thanks you.


That buzz isnt’ the bees, it’s all about protein shakes

From what I have been hearing this week protein shakes are the buzz.  “What’s up”, “what is the ratio”, “how soon after” are all the questions.  As well, why USANA’s NUTRIMEAL is my choice.

First and foremost “how soon after” is crucial whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or looking to create a healthier lifestyle through weight management.  Waiting longer than two hours to eat results in 50 percent less glycogen stored in the muscle.

Research shows that combining protein with carbohydrate within thirty minutes of exercise nearly doubles the insulin response, which results in more stored glycogen.  Chances are that after your workout you have a full day.  An easy read on glycogen and why the body needs it.

According to Debra Wein of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, just 15 g of protein is the general recommendation following a resistance training or aerobic workout. The full article is here:  http://www.livestrong.com/article/478603-carb-to-protein-ratio-after-workouts/#ixzz1zCHU70RV

For you muscle heads or soon to be muscle heads (I can say that on account that I am one) eating more protein than that, however, has a negative impact because it slows re hydration and glycogen replenishment.  Carbs PLUS protein speeds recovery.

Consuming protein does have  important uses after exercise. Protein provides the amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle tissue that is damaged during intense, prolonged exercise. It can also increase the absorption of water from the intestines and improve muscle hydration. The amino acids in protein can also stimulate the immune system, making you more resistant to colds and other infections.

While healthy solid foods are the best way to fuel the body after a workout, shakes can work just as well.  A drink may be easier to digest and make it easier to get the right ratio to meet the demands.

Which brings me into the next question, why USANA. Beyond the company and its manufacturing, or even the founder  it would have to be the level of deception of other products out there.  Do your homework.  Just because a label says “no aspartame” yet contains the likes of sucralose –  ask questions, do the layer thing.

“The NUTRIMEAL drinks are intended to be snack and meal replacements and not protein specific supplements. They are specifically designed to be balanced with respect to carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The NUTRIMEALS have a calorie breakdown of approximately 50% carbohydrates (half complex and fiber, and half sugars), 25% protein and 25% fat. This balance is essential to the purpose and function of the product.”

Now let’s talk about convenience.  Convenience foods are highly processed and without getting into each individual reason or ingredient, they are basically unhealthy and they will prematurely age and disease a body.

If your one of those time-maxed people, eating on-the-go, trying to juggle a busy lifestyle, maintaining a commitment to a healthy diet can be one of your greatest challenges. Time management has us gravitated towards convenience foods not only at a takeout but also within the home.   “Due to changing lifestyles, consumers are spending less time planning and preparing meals” a 2010 Consumer Trend Report.

Unless you have planned, shopped and prepared a balanced homemade post workout meal you’re hitting the drive thru and/or making less than optimal choices.  NUTRIMEAL addresses the health needs of the body and the health needs of life.  I like to think of this product line as a bridge.  Just as supplements are exactly that, supplemental to support  healthy eating, NUTRIMEAL  is a healthy, balanced and a quick alternative when days do get busy.

It is with trust in the company and products that I continue to use and recommend only them.

Aug 7/12  UPDATE:  If your brave enough to go here, check out  what’s in your protein drink