Value + Quality = Price

In Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade I introduced you to a standard that is set out there in manufacturing.  I hope your looking at the shelves in the stores and your pantry just a little different.

Even though you may not make any changes in anything you do, it is our goal that you AT LEAST look at your world a bit differently.  Perhaps one day a slight change will come which will create a momentous switch in the quality of your health. 

I, myself continue to grow in an awareness of how widespread quality and value can be found and the impact it has on not only my health, but my families and beyond.

So often in my industry there is much resistance and doubt in the value of  making the switch to organic from non and to quality nutrition in supplements.

In thinking of the bigger picture and with thanks to and together with Johnnys Coffee, I’d  like to share some thoughts on coffee.

The good stuff out there, how to find it, why it matters.

Quality and value matter, cause you do.

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