Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Tsk tsk tsk and nah nah nah nah nah. I have forgotten and the recent news about DANON has prompted me to share some info on "food grade" and "pharmaceutical grade". This is an area that I have a high degree of passion about.  You are experiencing a health issue.  In doing some research or … Continue reading Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade

Back to school MUST haves…..

The Dr.Steve Show shares some crucial how to's for back to school success. Personally, part of our winter survival supplements includes the USANIMALS for when the itchy throats start.  Made for kids but grown ups love 'em AND beat out the prehistoric friends when kids tested them.  Prehistoric means exactly that....prehistoric.

Do Dare Dream

Although mornings are my personal best time of the day, Sunday mornings particularly so.  Kathy Kaehler calls it "Sunday Set-Up".  If you want to "eat better, look better, feel better" check out her program. There is that challenge between living in the present and planning ahead.  "Those who plan ahead get ahead".  We're not just … Continue reading Do Dare Dream


THE 10 MOST DESIRABLE TRAITS IN HUMAN BEINGS No one is free of flaws and quirks. But there are ten personality/character traits that attract the right people and circumstances into one’s life. One could say that these are the character traits of highly successful people. 1. Integrity The true definition of integrity comes from the … Continue reading Be Do Have – 10 MOST DESIRABLE TRAITS IN HUMAN BEINGS

Second Chances

Have you ever won the lottery?   I'm talking about winning it big not just the free ticket or or the $10. You are more likely to: *Be killed in a terrorist attack while travelling (1 in 650,000). *Die — during an average lifetime — of flesh-eating disease (1 in one million). *Be killed by … Continue reading Second Chances

Paying Rent on Stuff

We talked earlier this week about being in your element. This morning I was convinced my element was tucked in my bed I have had a week of restless sleep and finally I enjoyed one of those deep sound resorting slumbers. (thank you PURE REST). What brings restless sleep can be any number of things. … Continue reading Paying Rent on Stuff

Warm Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Spread

On a whim last fall, we roasted red peppers for the very first time. Actually now that's a lie.  I did spend a day several years ago with a friend and her family as they invited me to their family ritual. Although having the roasted treat all winter was wonderful what I remember most was … Continue reading Warm Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Digestive Enzymes – simplistically, tried and tested

"Studies published in the UC Davis Health Journal state that, “Spirulina increased antibody responses and the activity of natural killer cells, which destroy infected and cancerous cells in the body.” And I thought I was just trying to enjoy broccoli. "Two min to go, then I'm on with my fabulous day." This was what I … Continue reading Digestive Enzymes – simplistically, tried and tested