Paying Rent on Stuff

We talked earlier this week about being in your element. This morning I was convinced my element was tucked in my bed

I have had a week of restless sleep and finally I enjoyed one of those deep sound resorting slumbers. (thank you PURE REST). What brings restless sleep can be any number of things. For me personally, I have learned to recognize that one of the biggest disrupters of sound sleep is the pending arrival of my cycle. THAT we’ll talk about another time. Point is that upon recognizing what disrupts our lives we can release it/ deal with it and get on with living; “this too shall pass”

After a couple of “snoozes” out I hopped, a drink of water, shot of caffeine and out to my element.

One new practice I have started before my feet hit the steel steps is to jump in place. Nice n low, 50 times at a speedy rate. I am a big believer in energy within our bodies. Imagine your body as a big pot, after a night of rest, everything settles. Your breath slows, blood eases though your veins, all is calm. Time to charge the chakras! I know there are those that get what I’m talking about.

Pondering which comes first, the mind leading the body or reverse, I can honestly say….I don’t know. I hand it over to my intuition.

Back on track here, my message…as soon as I start my first flight up, my mind is off to a conversation I had earlier in the week with my daughter. We were talking about our fall purging of clothes and household items AND converting our outdoor storage barn into a pergola. Yes, that is just the sort of conversations we have. She brought to my attention that there are people out there that actually have so much “stuff” that they visit it. Rental of storage bins is a booming business. People pay money every month, spend time every week to go visit stuff at some place. Stuff that they don’t think about or even use daily.

Now, what IF, in the words of T.Harv Eker, “what you do in anything you do in everything” you have stuff that your carrying around. Stuff like resentment, anger, fear,helplessness, jealousy. What IF you had to pay rent on it? But, my friend, you are paying rent and what it is costing you is present in your current life, health, finances and relationships.  We all have it BUT when it affects one of those areas, it’s time to purge.

We all have to start somewhere. Identify which is easier for you; outside in or inside out. This fall I encourage you to purge and stop paying rent on your emotions.

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