Find Your Element

20120915-082115.jpgTo be in your element is to find a place where you just intuitively, are natural. Some call it “in the zone”. Who you are, what your purpose is and self discovery all become clear. This is the one and only time that I encourage you to be in the “comfort zone“.

Through 2 pregnancies, rain, snow, wind for over 20 years this is my element.

My best meditation is reached here. I connect deeply with God here. My minutes, day and weeks are planned here. None of this happens intentionally. My feet move, my mind thinks, my spirit is touched. It’s like all these little muscles are now getting a massage.

I first turned to the stairs in peaking for competition. It was a job to do. Very quickly I was hooked. Once I experience the pounding of my heart as I tackle the last couple of flights there is no cardio or sense of being alive that can compare.

I encourage you to find your element. It’s your road map, the key that will unlock your life.

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