Here ye Here ye

20120915-084324.jpg  You know when you’ve had a good week with choices.  In quoting one of my three RESETers this week: “I like this thing.  I’m completely satisfied.  It feels so good to be in control”.  Hear ye hear ye.

Usually even after a good week I will cut myself some slack and have something other than my NUTRIMEAL shake.  Usually an egg with a piece of pita or homemade bread along with sauteed asparagus or another local in season veggie.

As the weather gradually changes into fall, most of us start to reach for warmth, comfort foods.  Although a bowl of steel cut oats with ground nuts, fruit and agave would have sufficed this morning, I REALLY wanted to keep “it tight” as I like to call it.

One reason is because I know myself and my pitfalls.  It continues to be carbs.  My main reason for carbs, their purpose, is just something to put butter on.  Now butter in itself is very good.  The key is moderation.  I am thinking that due to the fact that we personally consume very little, actually, I’d say less than rarely, processed foods AND that the salt stays off the table, I go through periods of deprivation with sodium.  I am aware of this and it is a work in process.

I wanted my shake but I also wanted warmth and comfort.  “Necessity is the motherhood of invention”.  In coming back from my element I was inspired and fired to have it all.

If your a regular consumer of  USANA’s NUTRIMEAL here is a tip for you to make a single serving of warmth and comfort.

75ml of boiling water
75ml of hot fresh coffee
1/2 scoop of both vanilla and chocolate NUTRIMEAL

Mix well.  You may add more hot water for a desired consistency.

Whether you would like some more suggestions on why NUTRIMEAL, RESET or ideas of add ins for your shake, we use a fabulous recipe book that shows you how to create some out of this world shakes with fruits and veggies and all with your standard mixer.  Inbox us at and we’ll get you connected to

A healthier way to start your day……………………

Interested in trying?  Be sure to inbox us as well to save 20%!!!!!

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