Curried Chickpea, Wild Rice and Basmati Salad

  Three ingredients, curry, chickpeas and wild rice, a year ago I never thought my kids would be eating.  Yet here we are today, one year wiser and one year healthier and they are willingly enjoying and appreciating a healthier lifestyle.   Really that's what it's about; change, growing, making daily or sometimes weekly advancements that … Continue reading Curried Chickpea, Wild Rice and Basmati Salad

A classic no knead bread

Bread, the once staple in a "diet" now has so many turning to gluten free products. My family is not much different.  About 20 years ago in becoming in tune to how certain foods affect my body, I reduced and almost eliminated bread from my diet.   I suppose if I cared to or was really … Continue reading A classic no knead bread

Financial Programming

Although I would love to start in following Steve Covey's words "with the end in mind" (retirement), lets get right to the programming of finances.  Let's point the finger at the who's, why's and whats, in remembering that when you point one finger, three are pointing back.  Identify them, deal with them on some level/accept … Continue reading Financial Programming

Healthier Quinoa Cookies

The original name of this recipe was "healthy" Quinoa cookies.  With 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar I had some resistance posting the original with the label of "healthy".  In being very aware of the issues surrounding labeling and the level of deception that something is "healthy"  (like the fat free yoghurt that indeed when … Continue reading Healthier Quinoa Cookies

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux; that annoying and sometimes downright painful occurrence that happens after a meal.  In severe cases it can manifest as well even after a glass of water. I remember all too well going through this for two years.  Worse thing was that I actually accepted that this was my new “norm”; eat, pain, then … Continue reading Acid Reflux

S.H.I.T Synchronicity at it’s best

Synchronicity........ Yes, I could just yell it.  Synchronicity! What appears to be a series of unrelated events, which are actually connected too or similar in some way.  They are not only connected but they also have a powerful meaning to each other.  “Something” happens “out there” that pulls all the right words or events or … Continue reading S.H.I.T Synchronicity at it’s best