Financial Programming

Although I would love to start in following Steve Covey’s words “with the end in mind” (retirement), lets get right to the programming of finances.  Let’s point the finger at the who’s, why’s and whats, in remembering that when you point one finger, three are pointing back.  Identify them, deal with them on some level/accept responsibility for them and move on.

Programming is thoughts and beliefs and habits that you were exposed to.  Usually these are by someone of influence in your life and most often than not it’s parents.

In not “knocking our elders” believe and trust that most of us make THE BEST decisions with who we are, what we know (which is usually passed down as well) and the current circumstances.  In case you haven’t noticed the world is an ever evolving and changing place.  Even financial thoughts and practices that were once successful years ago no longer work.

1.  Do you think money grows on trees?  In going out to check our garden as a kid I would always have a look……just in case one of those trees popped up in our backyard.

2.  Be grateful for what you have; a roof over your head and food on the table.  Ok so this one has more good programming than some of the others and has served me more better than not.  I am going to choose to hold onto it.  But basically it’s “there is nothing else you should need or want”   .

3. Blessed are  the meek for they shall inherit the earth/the kingdom of heaven shall be theirs; Mathew 5:5.   How about “blessed are the gentle, blessed are the humble”.  Gosh, who doesn’t want to be close to God.  The word “meek” kinda, well doesn’t sit good with me; overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; as under provocation from others. NEXT…..

4. SOB’s are crooks.  Yep, I was lead to believe that all wealthy people were shady crooks.  They earned their wealth through lying, deception and wrong doings.  Eeeeek, who’d wanna have an abundance of money through all those means.

That’s four so far.  Do you have any………………………..

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