Say Yes to The Dress

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Envy and Money Love

envy 1Well, I’ve never written about envy. “The Green Eyed monster”

Today as we start day 18 of The Money Love Challenge, like several other lessons on this 21 day journey that really struck a nerve with me, the message is opened, read and closed.

Oh, envy! What was said to you the last time you spoke about being envious of someone?  Ya that’s what I thought.  Not good.

This journey has brought to the surface the many programs I have had around money, wealth, finances, Day 18 lesson is no different.

Let’s go through the thought process of envy as a child:

You see something>you like>you want>you make a wish>you pray.

Then the worse>>>>>>>>you tell someone!  BIG mistake.  Their programming around money, wealth, finances is now yours. Teachers, parents, family and religious leaders ALL sharing their impression/experience/belief.  Envy, is after all, a deadly sin.

What next?  Guilt and shame.  Now guilt I don’t think is such a bad thing.  Guilt can help us feel like whole compassionate humans. They can direct us to act honestly.   Brene Brown, researcher says that “guilt is you did something bad, shame is you are bad”

Let’s continue that cycle of thought:  you tell someone>not only are you experiencing guilt and shame>but your going to die (cause envy is a deadly sin)>you’re unholy>worse your Creator, does not love you!


This is confusing to me in my unresolved child’s mind about envy and abundance and Creator/God.  IF I am made in the image of Creator/God, IF Creator/God is loving and wants “His children” to live a fulfilled life……


Can we look at envy a little differently.  What would your/mine/our world look like IF you/we allowed yourself the journey to envy?  Kate says in her Day 18 message:

“The thing about envy is that it gives us clues as to what we desire. And getting clear on our desires is a really good thing because it gives us direction and clues as to what our soul is longing for.”

Permission granted………….live, love, want

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Internships, Kinda Like A Crap Shot

With youth unemployment at record rates and well above our countries average, internships do nothing but benefit the “employer” with having this age group, basically,  working for free.

Youth under the age of 24 have an unemployment rate at 16.5. That is more than double the rate of 6.3 for the over 25’s.

Would YOU work without pay “until”?

If, after spending thousands of dollars in post secondary education, why is so much experience still needed in order to receive a pay cheque?

So please, tell me again, why not EARN while you learn?????


Welcome to our industry

Is one of your resolutions around financial health?

Debt management ( rates will go up one day) retirement contribution (freedom 55 GONE) tax savings (have the government pay for your holidays).

You’ve created this awesome health and want to literally climb mountains.

Do your research……Welcome to our company, team and industry