Making Space – Feng Shui For Financial Abundance

If you love your clutter, then you will want to pass by this post. If, however, you DON’T love your current situation right now as far as your finances are concerned, then you may want to read on.

I have been participating in a 21 day challenge; the 21Day Money Love Challenge. If you’re curious and want to find out more, go to their link. I would however like to say that, as of today, this has been the very best thing I have done for myself, my family, my business, and my finances in a looooong time.

I want to share my experience with day 7. Day 7 introduced the Bagua Map in the practice of Feng Shui. We (a group of over 8,000) were instructed to focus on our wealth and prosperity area of our homes. Kate’s explained Feng Shui in such a simple manner, I clearly understood WHY I needed to get on this! The only question was….WHERE?!?!?! I had the understanding that the “wealth and prosperity” area of a home is the right back side. Literally, it took, me a full day, I was consumed with WHERE? Where in my house is the “wealth and prosperity” area. My kids thought I was nuts as I looked for this area as if it was a pot of gold. Well, it could have just that much influence couldn’t it!

To start you need to use the Bagua Map (this one is the easiest).feng shui 1 Hold that map with the bottom quadrant in relation to your door. Now, we’re talking the front door; the door that was built as a front door, regardless if you use ANY OTHER door as an entrance. Read that part again, as this was my biggest challenge. AND my biggest mistake number 1. Years ago, with very little knowledge and perhaps out of desperation for financial abundance, I went around to every room and in every corner that I “thought” was THE AREA, I placed little tiny coins.feng shui 6 These coins were meant to be a cure. I dunno, perhaps it’s like going to the pharmacist for relief from a pain in your back, a quick fix, when really you may need to be doing some stretching or conditioning. So, every room had coins in corners, because “this could be the entrance if you come in through this way” “but so could this spot”.

Then I thought, oh it’s here, a corner in the kitchen.  Ya, pretty clutter too.  Ewww.  Who put all that stuff there????  Oh ya, me!  Clear ‘er out.  Put it away.  Trash it.  Done.  “Whaaat, that’s not it!”   *face palm*feng shui 2

With the Bagua Map YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, the whole and complete layout of your home.

With further comparisons with others in the group I was relieved to FINALLY discover the area that needed my attention was a sun porch area. SIGH. Peek in there.

The corner, ya that’s it!  That’s what I need to clear out.  I was actually stressed over an umbrella stand!!!!!! Where am I going to put it.  It was in looking for a spot that I saw the real problem.  *face palm* -again.feng shui 3Oh ya, that’s it! How’d that happen in there. Suppose it’s like the 5 pounds year after year after year after year that I hear others talk about……….feng shui 5

This room, we love this room. Other than during the winter, it’s an additional living space, almost a sacred living space. Many a Polly Pocket adventure played out in there, I remember sitting in there with my dad (*heart melts) during a rain storm and with the tin roof we could barely hear each other. It is an escape from the bees when eating dinner outside and we get out numbered and make a mad dash in there, carrying our plates, our cat Ali claims the room once winter turns to spring. She’ll stretch out on the concrete floor on a hot summer’s day enjoying the coolness that the floor provides. Even in the winter, with a couple rugs thrown down, our skate blades are protected and we lace ‘em up for an outdoor skate as the windows fog up with the warmed air meeting the chill outside.

This room becomes an office working space where I can sit and watch robins, sparrows, finches and cardinals fly in and out of the cedars, space to watch my garden grow right before my eyes. There is nothing as fulfilling to me than to be working in that space.

This room becomes a stretchy space, a sit up space, a bouncy space, a rolly space, a pumping iron space and a quiet space. A second hand daybed has been in there. The bed has been used for lazy summer day naps and rejuvenating meditations.

This bed has become a catch all; “things” “stuff” on top and underneath!!!!!

Looking in the sun porch all these thoughts went through my head in a second. And OMG what happened to it! Clearly this is a problem.

Another day was spent mentally getting connected with what I wanted room to look like. Although what I vision is now on its way ;) there is at least now room for “it” to enter………………Heck I’m even rolling out the red carpet for “its” arrival feng shui after


P.S.  In clearing out the “stuff”, in between the mattress of the daybed a vision board of someone that we spent some time with.  I hope her life has manifested these desires for her……a space of dreams making room for more IMG_5922




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