Money Love (Challenge) Language

Day 19 of The 21 Day Money Love Challenge and we are invited to be observant of our words.  Words particularly, but of course, around money.

The very first “seminar” I attended about 7 years ago was Michael Losier and The Law of Attraction.

Thoughts most often are from programming.  Programing from any one of the influences we talked about yesterday.  Words however are a choice.  Words are SO powerful.  Let’s have a look that this.

dogI like to call it “dumb dog syndrome”.  The story goes that a dog is so often called “dumb dog” that sooner or later the only name he will answer to is… guessed, “dumb dog”.  The same applies in parenting; “the messy one” “the loud one” “the lazy one” “the smart one””the troublemaker” “the good one”.  We start calling our kids by any one of these and very soon, “OUR” perception of them defines them.

In The Law Of Attraction seminar we learned the value of “DON’T/NOT/NO”.  Here’s the basis thinking on it:

The universe is abundant, period!  If you haven’t got that far in your thinking, do your work then come back.  Not only is the universe abundant it is also obedient.  I’m sure you’ve had a situation where in going to an event you dread running into a certain someone, the last person you want to see is so-and-so.  “Oh gosh, I don’t want to see….” is what you will think and say.  The universe is abundant and obedient remember.  It only wants to give us what we want right.  The words don’t/not/no are non existent.  What you previously said (“Oh gosh, I don’t want to see….”) becomes, in the universal world of abundance and obedience, “Oh gosh, I want to see….”. annnnnnd…..there they are!  HA!  I know it’s happened to you, it use to happen to me.  Ask yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT!  As well, “don’t jump on the couch” becomes “only bums on the couch” or “feet on the floor and off the couch”.  Really it is that easy.

What about the words around abundance in the form of finances and money.  Side step your thought process and just start to be conscious of using different words.  Rather than coaching you through this whole process catch up with the challenge and take it one step at a time.

One more thing about “dumb dog syndrome”….what about you.  I refuse to use language on myself OR listen to my friends use language on themselves that enforces and creates “dumb dog syndrome”.   “I’m so stupid” “what an idiot I am”…….just STOP.  A little trick I used was to imagine a person I loved so dearly, a person you would do anything in the world for, imagine their face in front of you when you use language that dumbs you down/slows you down.   A tiny brand new baby is in your arms, sweet and innocent.  Take that baby lovingly in your arms and try to “dumb dog” them.  Hard huh!  Now replace that baby with you.


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